Saturday, January 25, 2014

1st MTC Letter

AHHHHH! I'm so excited to be writing you! My p-days are on Saturdays which
is fantastic! Its like I get a real weekend. There is so many things I want
to tell you about but I can't even remember what has happened. I feel like
all of the days blur together and i've only been here for 4 haha. First off
I am in a trio.. when I first realized it i was super nervous and scared
because everyone says they are so hard. It has been difficult but I love
it! My companions are Hermana Westover from California and Hermana Jeanneau
from France! Crazy right? I love them so much already! Hermana Westover is
going to Xalapa with me, so exciting! And Hermana Jeanneau is going back to
France but Spanish speaking. Its strange but so cool. It has definitely
been challenging being in a trio because Hermana Jeanneau speaks French and
only a little bit of English and Spanish...but she is amazing and so
courageous to be here. Once we all learn Spanish well it will be amazing!
I am over on west campus and I love it minus the fact that we have to walk
outside in the freezing cold a lot.... But it really is so great! My
companions and I have a whole apartment (resident hall) to ourselves and
its so fun even though we only go there to sleep! Our classroom is in an
apartment which is kind of weird and it makes it not seem so real to me. If
you are ever driving by Raintree you might see me crossing the street! Or
if you ever go to Brigham's landing down the street you might see me on
Saturdays! (That's where our zone goes to for lunch). In my district there
is just one other companionship. Hermana Holmes (the girl I had been
talking to before) and Hermana Seegmiller. They are both going to Xalapa!
So far we have found 7 Hermana's going there and no Elders, but i'm sure
they are somewhere!
Our zone is fantastic! Everyone is mostly going to Mexico but a few are
going to Spain and other places. The Elders out number the Hermana's by a
lot but we have so much fun! Also cool side note, one Elder in my zone went
to the same Jr. High and High School with me..but I never really knew him.
I've also seen a few people and I know and its great!
Spanish is good but hard.. Everyone in my district has taken a few years of
high school Spanish or some in collage so they know WAY more than me. Its
super difficult because I don't know anything and I get discouraged often,
but I know i'll get it eventually so i'm trying not to be to hard on
myself. So far i've learned how to pray and bare my testimony in Spanish
but i'm kind of terrible at it. Don't worry, i'll get better!
Yesterday we had our first lesson with an "investigator" in Spanish! I was
so nervous and my only contribution to the lesson was reading the first
vision because I couldn't remember how to say anything! My companions are
great and so good at Spanish already so they just did all of it. We have
another lesson with him tonight and hopefully i'll say more hahah.
The Branch Presidency is wonderful! My teachers are so helpful and so
The food is alright....hah just cafeteria food, but better than most. I
feel like they feed us lunch and then an hour goes by and its dinner again
so i'm never that hungry but I still eat a lot so i'm full the rest of the
night. So the first few days I noticed that I eat way more than any of the
other Hermana's in my I might gain some poundage before I
leave.. don't judge me.
The day really does go by so fast! And they are all blurring together. I
never know whats happening! Also all the Hermana's are at least 21 except
Hermana Holmes is 20 but her birthday is in March. I feel like a baby! They
truly are so great and wonderful! We have the best district.
Let me tell you my first funny/embarrassing story. So last night after
dinner we had class for 3 hours and at the end our teacher had us go bare
our testimonies to the other districts in our zone and after I have talked
to people my teacher tells me there is broccoli in my teeth! Why?!? So
embarrassing and rude that no one told me....:l Oh well
These past few days have been hard but so good! I have learned so much and
i'm so excited to learn more! I love you all and think about you often.
Thanks to those who wrote me dearelders they are the best! Send me more!!!

Lots of Love,
            Hermana Gunnell

**Note that Trisha is in MTC West, so when using dearelder, select that option instead of just the regular MTC :)

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