Sunday, February 16, 2014

Did you know? I went to Idaho!

First off i hope you all had a wonderful love day full of love.
 This week was a really special week..... IDAHO IDAHO IDAHO......I went to Idaho.. for what?
I got transferred there because i'm terrible at spanish and they don't think i'm capable of learning it.
But not really. I went to get my VISA for MEXICO!!!! ya ya ya!  A big group of us left on Monday afternoon and rode the front runner down to the airport (I kept wishing to see someone I knew, but I had no luck). We had to wait forever at the airport, but a few Elders did some good missionary teaching while we were waiting. The flight was super short and then we were greeted by two super sweet senior couples. All of the Hermana's went to the Nampa Mission home which was huge and beautiful! The mission president and his wife had us draw numbers for which be we got to sleep in (side note, because I am in a trio and we all have to sleep in the same room I am very privileged to sleep on the mattress on the floor=not so comfy for me.)  But! I got to sleep in a huge most delicious queen size bed all to myself for one night. Blessing. It was the best sleep i've had in weeks! They told me thats where the general authorities sleep when they come...I felt weird and thought it was cool at the same time...ha. In the morning we got homemade waffles!!! We also got to do a session in the Boise Idaho Temple which was so beautiful and great! I got my visa:) And an extra bonus! we got to go on a nature walk. We got back to the MTC around9:30 Tuesday nigh. Best mini trip ever! A break I really needed! Can you believe that I go to Mexico in 2 weeks?!?! I about pee my pants every time I think about it from excitement also fear because I still don't understand how Spanish works....I have two weeks to figure it out!
Beside my lack of Spanish everything is going so well!
Sorry I can only write letters on Saturday and they take for ever to get mailed. Why? I don't know.
Keep writing me lots of Letters and Dearelders! I look forward to them everyday!
I love you all!

-Hermana Gunnell

 Happy valentines day from the Single Sisters........<3 

Sisters going to Mexico

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