Monday, March 24, 2014

My friend Totoro...

You might be wondering how does Mexico smell?
Well let me tell you...some times it smells like delicious foods...but the rest of the time it smells like a rotting bathroom. Now you know. Such a lovely smell.....................
Xalapa has bipolar weather like Utah. One day it is sweaty hot, and the next freezing and rainy. Some times both in the same day.
Little mexican kids are afraid of me. Unless i give them stickers then im their favorite!
I often times see a person and think i bet they know english and are just trying to make my life harder and only speak spanish...but they never do. Except one Young man went to our lessons with us and like 2 hours later out of no where was all ´You need a tan!´ He knows and speaks english perfectly! So now im working on my tan....i think i get bleached by the sun. oh well.
I had delicious juices this week except one day at our recent converts house.......we had the most sickest papaya juice! it was seriously rotten and took all that i am to just chugg it and not throw up..blahh i hate papayas even more now. Also had a super nasty plantaen thing and the odor of it burned my eye balls! it was the worst.
Our shower only has freezing cold wáter and i hate it so much, but i´ve discovered that if it has been a hot day and the wáter is a tiny bit warm and its great!
I hate bugs so much! i have a million bites on my legs that just ooze sick liquid. Also a huge sich cockroach was in our room the other night!
A Little more about my companion: Hermana Manzueta is from the DR. She only knows a few words in english so its rough. She is 23 and just finished her year mark in the misión. She is the only member of her family and she has been in the presidency of the YW, RS, primary and the seminary teacher! Crazy! She is a really great missionary.
Yesterday in Sacrament i had to bare my testimony....i was nervous but its was fine.
Best part of my week......
We were walking down a Street by our house and i looked down at the Wall and saw totoro!!!! I was so excited and hna. manzueta was so confused but it was great!

I love you all!!!
-Hermana Gunnell

Monday, March 17, 2014

Rainy Days and Mondays

Today i´m grateful for my rain boots and umbrella.So much happened this week! Thank you for all of the emails! Im sorry i dont have time to write everyone  back. But i love you all!!!
Also sorry for the spelling and grammer...its on a spanish keyboard.
I forgot to let you all know that me and my companion opened an área. What ? So crazy. We walk a ton! One thing i know for sure is that i´m going to have killer leg muscles when i come home. I got to eat some delicious food this week. i´ve come to realized most mexican food is greesey and orange colored. As far as letters and packages go i will get them like every 6 weeks. just send them to the misión office. and don´t put any mary stickers on them haha.
We talk to this guy a lot his name is Josue. He is super nice but is super stubborn. when we were talking to him this week a dog got hit by a car right behind us and then was crying and layed on the side walk next to us and sad.
Hilariousness¨- We went to talk to a referral with a member this old man who is so class. When i shook his hand he said something like Hermana Mi corazón...  ehhh and then when we were leaving he tried to hug me and i was so scared and didn´t know what to do! luckly the member saved me and yelled at him saying i couldn´t.
We also got some tacos from the Street.....i didnt know they were lamb until after. My comp got pretty sick from them but luckly i didnt!
Sorry to have to tell you this, but you´ve all been eating tortillas wrong. i love tortillas i eat so many everyday! they are the most delicious. Also the hot chocolate here is so gross along with the milk luckly i found some rice dream at the store!
Good news! We had our first baptism yesterday!!! And three of our investigators came to church!
I still think Mexico is crazy. But i´m slowly learning to love it. I still don´t know spanish so a lot of the time when someone asks me something i just say yes and then they bring me some sick food or something and i realize i´ve made a huge goes on.
I love you all thatnk you for the love and support
-Hermana Gunnell

hermana manzueta

Baptism-sorry i look like a huge gomer.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Culture shock.....

Mexico is CRAZY!!! I some times feel like im in the movie Slumdog Millionare then i remember i am a missionary in Mexico and they are kind of the same thing... I imagined Mexico to be different, but i was not prepared for this.
My área is in Xalapa its called Musea. Its beautiful and the weather is very nice. It rains a lot and its hasnt been hot at all. The roads and drivers are so scary. There really is no speed limit just big speed bumbs every so often. Also there is no lines in the road so they just drive all over the place. The houses are tiny. Our house is tiny and cute but the bathroom is the worst! Its under the stairs and i hate it. Its always soaking wet because the shower is just right when you walk in. but oh well its fine. We live in a nicer área of town and i am so grateful that we do. The área we teach in is truly so sad. There is huge piles of garbage in the streets the houses....i cant even believe people live in some of them. Most of them are like one room with a Little área for cooking and a tiny bathroom in the corner and so many people live in the same house. I truly am so grateful to live in Utah. Walking down the Street i get a lot of unplesant stares. We walk past a lot of Little shops that have huge boiling things of meat. They sell chopped up chickens everywhere.We have a very hilly área so there is a million stairs to get to houses. Also people just build houses on top of houses here. Why? I just dont get it.
I havent had a lot of weird food yet. just typical mexican food. We eat with a member everyday at 2...... I have had a lot of speghetti and rice and meat. They do have delicious juices! Also i know i dont have the best teeth...but im really grateful that i have all of my teeth. so many people only have 2 on top, the Sharp ones, and then a few on the bottom. When someone greets you they give you a kiss on the cheek....its really hard to get used to. Also i dont know any Spanish. But its slowly getting better. My companion is Hermana Manzueta. She is from The Dominican Republic. She is nice and knows the góspel so well. She is amazing.
We have 2 baptism dates so far. Both of their wives are members and they are great. im not so sure they have their hearts in it but im hopefully. Ill let you know what happens. Everyone is super nice and mostly Catholic. We are not allowed to knock on doors so we live off referals. Its lots of fun. Mexico is very different. Im so grateful that i live in the USA.
 Hermana Gunnell
Sorry i dont know how to send pictures....its all in spanish. Maybe next time.
(Trisha's MTC comp sent this one home)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I love MEXICO (3/4/14)

Just emailing to tell you i got here safely!  We got to the hermanas casa at330am but president let us sleep in until 10! He is the best! 
Mexico is everything i have ever dreamed of and more! the streets are beautiful and the builings are super bright and colorful! Its rainy today and i am just in love...i truly am.
I will find out who my companion is tomorrow and what area i will be going to!
I love you all and i love Mexico.
I will be able to email again hopefully on Monday!
love Hermana Gunnell

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm leavin' on a jet plane!

Not really going on a jet but I am going on a big plane to Mexico in 2 days!!! How crazy is that? I feel like I just got to the MTC. 
This week has been slow/fast and kind of sorry I don't really have anything cool to say.
We had our last lesson with our friend Alexander on Wednesday. I'm almost positive that he is a real 95% sure. We loved him so much! He is the best and would always ask us a million questions and just was great! So we had a super good lesson and we always go over our time because he likes to talk a lot! At the end of the lesson we found out that it would be our last time teaching him and i go so sad....I started to cry a lot...(not anything new) and he was really sad because he said that we were his favorite and learned so much when he talked with us and that he doesn't like the Elders that teach him because they never teach him what he wants to know. I was so mad at them! But we got permission from the bosses to give Alexander our emails so he could update us when we leave. I don't know him very well. We had maybe 5 lessons with him but I can say that I truly love him so much! I'm going to miss him a lot and I hope those Elders figure out how they need to teach him..
We also had our last lessons with Marley and Felipe (our teachers). We did a terrible job with Marley's lesson. It was because we didn't have it prepared that well and we just did a lot of things wrong and the spirit wasn't there...we all felt so bad and sad after but it made us want to work even harder so we would never have another lesson like it again. With Felipe's lesson it went so well! The spirit was so strong and we were all working together. It was just great. I'm so grateful that we had these two different lessons because it really helped me see the difference planing and practicing makes. It helped me to have a stronger desire to work even harder and love even more!
We had infield training all day yesterday which included a lot of note taking and role playing. It was good but made me a little more nervous to leave. Also I got to eat up at main campus for the first time! They have so much food and so many options! It was glorious.
It's still kind of unreal to me but that will change real quick i'm sure!
Please pray that I will remember the Spanish that I have learned and I will be able to understand what people are saying...I'm so nervous about it. But I know it will all work out.
Sorry this email is really short. I have a lot of packing to do:)

I love you all!!

-Hermana Gunnell

Cousin Zoe ran into Trisha on her last P-day. What the!?!