Monday, March 10, 2014

Culture shock.....

Mexico is CRAZY!!! I some times feel like im in the movie Slumdog Millionare then i remember i am a missionary in Mexico and they are kind of the same thing... I imagined Mexico to be different, but i was not prepared for this.
My área is in Xalapa its called Musea. Its beautiful and the weather is very nice. It rains a lot and its hasnt been hot at all. The roads and drivers are so scary. There really is no speed limit just big speed bumbs every so often. Also there is no lines in the road so they just drive all over the place. The houses are tiny. Our house is tiny and cute but the bathroom is the worst! Its under the stairs and i hate it. Its always soaking wet because the shower is just right when you walk in. but oh well its fine. We live in a nicer área of town and i am so grateful that we do. The área we teach in is truly so sad. There is huge piles of garbage in the streets the houses....i cant even believe people live in some of them. Most of them are like one room with a Little área for cooking and a tiny bathroom in the corner and so many people live in the same house. I truly am so grateful to live in Utah. Walking down the Street i get a lot of unplesant stares. We walk past a lot of Little shops that have huge boiling things of meat. They sell chopped up chickens everywhere.We have a very hilly área so there is a million stairs to get to houses. Also people just build houses on top of houses here. Why? I just dont get it.
I havent had a lot of weird food yet. just typical mexican food. We eat with a member everyday at 2...... I have had a lot of speghetti and rice and meat. They do have delicious juices! Also i know i dont have the best teeth...but im really grateful that i have all of my teeth. so many people only have 2 on top, the Sharp ones, and then a few on the bottom. When someone greets you they give you a kiss on the cheek....its really hard to get used to. Also i dont know any Spanish. But its slowly getting better. My companion is Hermana Manzueta. She is from The Dominican Republic. She is nice and knows the góspel so well. She is amazing.
We have 2 baptism dates so far. Both of their wives are members and they are great. im not so sure they have their hearts in it but im hopefully. Ill let you know what happens. Everyone is super nice and mostly Catholic. We are not allowed to knock on doors so we live off referals. Its lots of fun. Mexico is very different. Im so grateful that i live in the USA.
 Hermana Gunnell
Sorry i dont know how to send pictures....its all in spanish. Maybe next time.
(Trisha's MTC comp sent this one home)

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