Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm leavin' on a jet plane!

Not really going on a jet but I am going on a big plane to Mexico in 2 days!!! How crazy is that? I feel like I just got to the MTC. 
This week has been slow/fast and kind of sorry I don't really have anything cool to say.
We had our last lesson with our friend Alexander on Wednesday. I'm almost positive that he is a real 95% sure. We loved him so much! He is the best and would always ask us a million questions and just was great! So we had a super good lesson and we always go over our time because he likes to talk a lot! At the end of the lesson we found out that it would be our last time teaching him and i go so sad....I started to cry a lot...(not anything new) and he was really sad because he said that we were his favorite and learned so much when he talked with us and that he doesn't like the Elders that teach him because they never teach him what he wants to know. I was so mad at them! But we got permission from the bosses to give Alexander our emails so he could update us when we leave. I don't know him very well. We had maybe 5 lessons with him but I can say that I truly love him so much! I'm going to miss him a lot and I hope those Elders figure out how they need to teach him..
We also had our last lessons with Marley and Felipe (our teachers). We did a terrible job with Marley's lesson. It was because we didn't have it prepared that well and we just did a lot of things wrong and the spirit wasn't there...we all felt so bad and sad after but it made us want to work even harder so we would never have another lesson like it again. With Felipe's lesson it went so well! The spirit was so strong and we were all working together. It was just great. I'm so grateful that we had these two different lessons because it really helped me see the difference planing and practicing makes. It helped me to have a stronger desire to work even harder and love even more!
We had infield training all day yesterday which included a lot of note taking and role playing. It was good but made me a little more nervous to leave. Also I got to eat up at main campus for the first time! They have so much food and so many options! It was glorious.
It's still kind of unreal to me but that will change real quick i'm sure!
Please pray that I will remember the Spanish that I have learned and I will be able to understand what people are saying...I'm so nervous about it. But I know it will all work out.
Sorry this email is really short. I have a lot of packing to do:)

I love you all!!

-Hermana Gunnell

Cousin Zoe ran into Trisha on her last P-day. What the!?!

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