Monday, March 24, 2014

My friend Totoro...

You might be wondering how does Mexico smell?
Well let me tell you...some times it smells like delicious foods...but the rest of the time it smells like a rotting bathroom. Now you know. Such a lovely smell.....................
Xalapa has bipolar weather like Utah. One day it is sweaty hot, and the next freezing and rainy. Some times both in the same day.
Little mexican kids are afraid of me. Unless i give them stickers then im their favorite!
I often times see a person and think i bet they know english and are just trying to make my life harder and only speak spanish...but they never do. Except one Young man went to our lessons with us and like 2 hours later out of no where was all ´You need a tan!´ He knows and speaks english perfectly! So now im working on my tan....i think i get bleached by the sun. oh well.
I had delicious juices this week except one day at our recent converts house.......we had the most sickest papaya juice! it was seriously rotten and took all that i am to just chugg it and not throw up..blahh i hate papayas even more now. Also had a super nasty plantaen thing and the odor of it burned my eye balls! it was the worst.
Our shower only has freezing cold wáter and i hate it so much, but i´ve discovered that if it has been a hot day and the wáter is a tiny bit warm and its great!
I hate bugs so much! i have a million bites on my legs that just ooze sick liquid. Also a huge sich cockroach was in our room the other night!
A Little more about my companion: Hermana Manzueta is from the DR. She only knows a few words in english so its rough. She is 23 and just finished her year mark in the misión. She is the only member of her family and she has been in the presidency of the YW, RS, primary and the seminary teacher! Crazy! She is a really great missionary.
Yesterday in Sacrament i had to bare my testimony....i was nervous but its was fine.
Best part of my week......
We were walking down a Street by our house and i looked down at the Wall and saw totoro!!!! I was so excited and hna. manzueta was so confused but it was great!

I love you all!!!
-Hermana Gunnell

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