Monday, March 17, 2014

Rainy Days and Mondays

Today i´m grateful for my rain boots and umbrella.So much happened this week! Thank you for all of the emails! Im sorry i dont have time to write everyone  back. But i love you all!!!
Also sorry for the spelling and grammer...its on a spanish keyboard.
I forgot to let you all know that me and my companion opened an área. What ? So crazy. We walk a ton! One thing i know for sure is that i´m going to have killer leg muscles when i come home. I got to eat some delicious food this week. i´ve come to realized most mexican food is greesey and orange colored. As far as letters and packages go i will get them like every 6 weeks. just send them to the misión office. and don´t put any mary stickers on them haha.
We talk to this guy a lot his name is Josue. He is super nice but is super stubborn. when we were talking to him this week a dog got hit by a car right behind us and then was crying and layed on the side walk next to us and sad.
Hilariousness¨- We went to talk to a referral with a member this old man who is so class. When i shook his hand he said something like Hermana Mi corazón...  ehhh and then when we were leaving he tried to hug me and i was so scared and didn´t know what to do! luckly the member saved me and yelled at him saying i couldn´t.
We also got some tacos from the Street.....i didnt know they were lamb until after. My comp got pretty sick from them but luckly i didnt!
Sorry to have to tell you this, but you´ve all been eating tortillas wrong. i love tortillas i eat so many everyday! they are the most delicious. Also the hot chocolate here is so gross along with the milk luckly i found some rice dream at the store!
Good news! We had our first baptism yesterday!!! And three of our investigators came to church!
I still think Mexico is crazy. But i´m slowly learning to love it. I still don´t know spanish so a lot of the time when someone asks me something i just say yes and then they bring me some sick food or something and i realize i´ve made a huge goes on.
I love you all thatnk you for the love and support
-Hermana Gunnell

hermana manzueta

Baptism-sorry i look like a huge gomer.

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