Monday, April 28, 2014


oh this week.........
People always give us food and say 'its not spicy its just has chili for color' Then me and my companion want to die because our mouths are on fire and our stomachs hurt so bad and we get heart burn! meh...
We had an interesting talk with some Testigos de Jehova(TJ's)...they came up to us on the street and just wanted to fight and it was stupid. Me and Hermana Figueroa were really nice though and we ended up talking for about 40 minutes...Its a goal of Hna Figueroa to baptize a T.J. i dont think its possible haha.
We found out that we would be having a conference with Elder Johnson Friday. He is the area president or something super important. We were super excited because President Lopez would be coming up and would bring letters and packages. Then we went..and it was not what we were expecting.
It was all of the zones in the north part of the mission and we were all quietly sitting in the chapel waiting for it to start then Elder Johnson came in also a couple that nobody knew and 3 men. We started the meeting and Elder Johnson started talking, i was sitting in the front row and he embarrassingly asked me from the stand if i ever get sunburt and if i use sun block, (i'm still really white). Then he announced that President Lopez has been released and we have a new President. My heart sank and i was so sad! He only told us that is was for family and personal reasons and a new calling in the church. So now our president is Saucedo. He was the mission presidet for the Mexico Guadalajara Mission recently....and he will only be our president for 2 months. In July we will get a new one. I had a hard time accepting all of it at first because I loved President Lopez so much and a lot of things will change now....a lot. But oh well its will be alright!
I never thought the name Gunnell was difficult but no one can say it! Its actually a little funny because when we meet a new person they always stare at my name tag and look so confused, then i will say gunnell...and they just get more confused. So im giving up on my name. When people try to pronounce it i just say that its correct because i dont want to talk about my name for five minutes. 
Its been so hot this week so every night we come home and eat frozen watermelon and good!
Also I get to go down to Xalapa today to sign for my visa! Yay!!!! (Thats why im writing earlier than normal) I'm so excited and hopefully will get to see my MTC Hermanas!:)
I love you all!
-Hermana Gunnell
After the conference.

Watermelon heads

Monday, April 21, 2014


Here are some things that happend this week.
We helped a recent convert build a little swing for her kids!
It rained a lot and the weather was a little bit nice! but because of the rain the hills in our area were really muddy and slippery and i was so scared that i was going to slip and fall every time!
I heard some great music in the street as we were walking! Several times it was The Doors and it made my heart so happy!
People are so rude to me because i am a gringa and i hate it. This one guy that we always pass in the street and he is kind of an investigator hates me because im an american and he wont ever look at me or talk to me and doenst want me to teach him so we had to pass him to the Elders who are both Mexican....lame.

Good news is that we had a baptism yesterday! Happy Easter! Lucia is the best! She has been talking with the missionaries for like 5 months. Her husband and son got baptized in February. She has had two kids pass sad. But my first week here was the first time she came to church and she really liked it. She is amazing and reads the book of mormon a lot but has a hard time with knowing the feelings of the Holy Ghost so she doesnt commit to anything! We had her baptism date set and when we talked to her on wednesday she was like nope not happening sorry. but then we just acted like she was still okay with it and had our DL come with us on Saturday and have the interview. Me and my comp both thought it wasnt going to happen, but when they were done she told us that she was ready! It was so great!!
I will be sending some pictures:)
I love you all!
-Hermana Gunnell

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jurassic Park

Poza Rica is like Jurasic Park. Truly. Just missing the dinosours hah.Part of our area is super poor so we are not allowed to go there after 7 each day and i just pretend that is because thats when the scary dinosours come out....its true!

This week we had a multi zone conference with President Lopez. He is so great!
i also got my first two packages from my dear sister amanda! yay!
Everyone always make me say the prayers...probably because they think i dont know spanish! But i kind of do so its okay.
Everyone also always asks if im tired....why yes i am...always.
Little kids ask me questions like ¿how do you say justin bieber in english?
There is a lot of beautiful flowers here and weird fruit.
And sometimes we get in gang fights with the other religions missionaries...ha not really they just give us dirty glares..
There is a lot of nacho libre bikes here. and i had some nacho libre corn from a nacho libre bike! double good.
Its been a slow week because i got a little sick and now my comp is sick.
One funny thing did happen though! We were teaching a lesson and this super drunk guy came up to the gate and started preaching to us and we just all sat there and stared at each other because we didnt know what to do.....then out of no where this little old grandma came from the house and started yelling at him and slammed the gate in his face.. ha. i though it was funny.
Sorry this is a short email.
i love and miss you all!!!

Swollen Feet :(

Monday, April 7, 2014

All you need is love...

Ive been thinking a lot about love this week and how much we all need to be loved and give love...
Tuesday morning was the best and i got to see some of my hermanas from the mtc and we got to be together for most of the day!!! I missed them so much! Then i went with my new zone leaders on a 5 hour bus ride to poza rica. Met my new companion unpacked a little bit and went to bed.
I LOVE my new comp. Hermana Figueroa! She is the best and i know we would of been best friends before the mission! She knows some english which is helpful! likes to draw and has a penny board!!!! What best friends! She is 20 and from a northern part of Mexico. And she is actually kind of still in her training. She has been here a transfer longer than me but we will finish our missions at the same time which is cool. So glad that she is nice and just the best!
Poza Rica is so hot. Its like a bowl of sweaty hot hottness. Its so humid and hot every hour of the day....ive just gotten used to being sticky and wet all the time. its the worst! Any body of water here smells like dead people. the dogs are so sick and mean also some of the people are as well. There is a lot of ants and lizards and huge spiders the size of oreo cookies. 
Our house is so gross.....little bugs everywhere and also sweaty hot but we do have a little air conditioner where our beds are which is nice. The bathroom is a lot bigger than my last one it does have some funky mold everywhere (please hope i wont die in mexico). And we have hot water for showers!!! So great, but im so hot all the time i dont even use the hot water haha. 
All of the americans got to watch conference in English and it was sooooo good!!!! I loved it so much! 
We dont have a lot of sucess here with lessons and investigators because they just are difficult but everyday as a nice lovely reward for working hard i come home to nice swollen legs, feet, hands, and the best part....kankles.....yep i love it!
Today we got to go to this way cool place called Tajin that has awesome pyramids! i loved it. My comp didnt want to go because she went a few weeks ago so i went with another hermana. But it was the best and i may have accidently bought 2 cool shirts! yay.
Because it is so hot we get these icey flavor things in bags everyday...i want one right now...delicious coconut and mango mmmmmm the fruit here is so good and the food is spicy. But things are a lot better this week! Thank you for your love it is much needed!
i love you all so much i truly do!
Loves the only thing you need...<3
-Hermana Gunnell

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The President.

Ive had a really rough week. my companion was sick for a few days and we didnt get much work done. Honestly it has just been hard. I had a nice long talk with my very loving mission President today and he is just amazing! i feel so blessed to have him as my president. i told him about everything and he was so understanding. i just got a call a few minutes ago saying that i am being transfered in the morning at 9! Ahhhhh so stressed now i have to pack all of my things! but i am hopeful and excited that things will be better. 
We have this old guy investigator named Erminio (the one that always wants to hug me) He is hilarious! He was asking us about boyfriends and he told me that he is sure i´ve got a boy back in the united states, but i need to marry a mexican in mexico. Its the word of God! hahahah i about died. Also he is wondering if i have any aunts who want to marry him. He is about 80 years old and likes to work hard. so if your interested just let me know.. 
He want to get baptized so bad this week but cant because he has only been to church once. and then he didnt come yesterday because he got in a little car crash but he is just fine! Also this week a recent member man kissed me on the cheek! i didn´t realize what was happening so i couldn´t stop it! Everyone always asks me if im tired. Dogs are everywhere and so sick! it rained a lot this week and one day it was balls of ice! like marble size and it was crazy! 30 minutes later it was so warm and sunny. We had a baptism yesterday. The sweetest 14 year old girl named Conception (kony) She is so cute and the best! i was so excited for her. Watching the womens conference made me so home sick and i didn´t even understand any of the talks because it was in spanish. but the music was beautiful! 
i just wish i could take little pictures or videos with my eye and send them to you!!!!!!
Its been a rough week, but things are bound to get better! 
I love you all so much!
-Hermana Gunnell