Monday, April 7, 2014

All you need is love...

Ive been thinking a lot about love this week and how much we all need to be loved and give love...
Tuesday morning was the best and i got to see some of my hermanas from the mtc and we got to be together for most of the day!!! I missed them so much! Then i went with my new zone leaders on a 5 hour bus ride to poza rica. Met my new companion unpacked a little bit and went to bed.
I LOVE my new comp. Hermana Figueroa! She is the best and i know we would of been best friends before the mission! She knows some english which is helpful! likes to draw and has a penny board!!!! What best friends! She is 20 and from a northern part of Mexico. And she is actually kind of still in her training. She has been here a transfer longer than me but we will finish our missions at the same time which is cool. So glad that she is nice and just the best!
Poza Rica is so hot. Its like a bowl of sweaty hot hottness. Its so humid and hot every hour of the day....ive just gotten used to being sticky and wet all the time. its the worst! Any body of water here smells like dead people. the dogs are so sick and mean also some of the people are as well. There is a lot of ants and lizards and huge spiders the size of oreo cookies. 
Our house is so gross.....little bugs everywhere and also sweaty hot but we do have a little air conditioner where our beds are which is nice. The bathroom is a lot bigger than my last one it does have some funky mold everywhere (please hope i wont die in mexico). And we have hot water for showers!!! So great, but im so hot all the time i dont even use the hot water haha. 
All of the americans got to watch conference in English and it was sooooo good!!!! I loved it so much! 
We dont have a lot of sucess here with lessons and investigators because they just are difficult but everyday as a nice lovely reward for working hard i come home to nice swollen legs, feet, hands, and the best part....kankles.....yep i love it!
Today we got to go to this way cool place called Tajin that has awesome pyramids! i loved it. My comp didnt want to go because she went a few weeks ago so i went with another hermana. But it was the best and i may have accidently bought 2 cool shirts! yay.
Because it is so hot we get these icey flavor things in bags everyday...i want one right now...delicious coconut and mango mmmmmm the fruit here is so good and the food is spicy. But things are a lot better this week! Thank you for your love it is much needed!
i love you all so much i truly do!
Loves the only thing you need...<3
-Hermana Gunnell

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