Monday, April 21, 2014


Here are some things that happend this week.
We helped a recent convert build a little swing for her kids!
It rained a lot and the weather was a little bit nice! but because of the rain the hills in our area were really muddy and slippery and i was so scared that i was going to slip and fall every time!
I heard some great music in the street as we were walking! Several times it was The Doors and it made my heart so happy!
People are so rude to me because i am a gringa and i hate it. This one guy that we always pass in the street and he is kind of an investigator hates me because im an american and he wont ever look at me or talk to me and doenst want me to teach him so we had to pass him to the Elders who are both Mexican....lame.

Good news is that we had a baptism yesterday! Happy Easter! Lucia is the best! She has been talking with the missionaries for like 5 months. Her husband and son got baptized in February. She has had two kids pass sad. But my first week here was the first time she came to church and she really liked it. She is amazing and reads the book of mormon a lot but has a hard time with knowing the feelings of the Holy Ghost so she doesnt commit to anything! We had her baptism date set and when we talked to her on wednesday she was like nope not happening sorry. but then we just acted like she was still okay with it and had our DL come with us on Saturday and have the interview. Me and my comp both thought it wasnt going to happen, but when they were done she told us that she was ready! It was so great!!
I will be sending some pictures:)
I love you all!
-Hermana Gunnell

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