Monday, April 28, 2014


oh this week.........
People always give us food and say 'its not spicy its just has chili for color' Then me and my companion want to die because our mouths are on fire and our stomachs hurt so bad and we get heart burn! meh...
We had an interesting talk with some Testigos de Jehova(TJ's)...they came up to us on the street and just wanted to fight and it was stupid. Me and Hermana Figueroa were really nice though and we ended up talking for about 40 minutes...Its a goal of Hna Figueroa to baptize a T.J. i dont think its possible haha.
We found out that we would be having a conference with Elder Johnson Friday. He is the area president or something super important. We were super excited because President Lopez would be coming up and would bring letters and packages. Then we went..and it was not what we were expecting.
It was all of the zones in the north part of the mission and we were all quietly sitting in the chapel waiting for it to start then Elder Johnson came in also a couple that nobody knew and 3 men. We started the meeting and Elder Johnson started talking, i was sitting in the front row and he embarrassingly asked me from the stand if i ever get sunburt and if i use sun block, (i'm still really white). Then he announced that President Lopez has been released and we have a new President. My heart sank and i was so sad! He only told us that is was for family and personal reasons and a new calling in the church. So now our president is Saucedo. He was the mission presidet for the Mexico Guadalajara Mission recently....and he will only be our president for 2 months. In July we will get a new one. I had a hard time accepting all of it at first because I loved President Lopez so much and a lot of things will change now....a lot. But oh well its will be alright!
I never thought the name Gunnell was difficult but no one can say it! Its actually a little funny because when we meet a new person they always stare at my name tag and look so confused, then i will say gunnell...and they just get more confused. So im giving up on my name. When people try to pronounce it i just say that its correct because i dont want to talk about my name for five minutes. 
Its been so hot this week so every night we come home and eat frozen watermelon and good!
Also I get to go down to Xalapa today to sign for my visa! Yay!!!! (Thats why im writing earlier than normal) I'm so excited and hopefully will get to see my MTC Hermanas!:)
I love you all!
-Hermana Gunnell
After the conference.

Watermelon heads

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