Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jurassic Park

Poza Rica is like Jurasic Park. Truly. Just missing the dinosours hah.Part of our area is super poor so we are not allowed to go there after 7 each day and i just pretend that is because thats when the scary dinosours come out....its true!

This week we had a multi zone conference with President Lopez. He is so great!
i also got my first two packages from my dear sister amanda! yay!
Everyone always make me say the prayers...probably because they think i dont know spanish! But i kind of do so its okay.
Everyone also always asks if im tired....why yes i am...always.
Little kids ask me questions like ¿how do you say justin bieber in english?
There is a lot of beautiful flowers here and weird fruit.
And sometimes we get in gang fights with the other religions missionaries...ha not really they just give us dirty glares..
There is a lot of nacho libre bikes here. and i had some nacho libre corn from a nacho libre bike! double good.
Its been a slow week because i got a little sick and now my comp is sick.
One funny thing did happen though! We were teaching a lesson and this super drunk guy came up to the gate and started preaching to us and we just all sat there and stared at each other because we didnt know what to do.....then out of no where this little old grandma came from the house and started yelling at him and slammed the gate in his face.. ha. i though it was funny.
Sorry this is a short email.
i love and miss you all!!!

Swollen Feet :(

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