Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The President.

Ive had a really rough week. my companion was sick for a few days and we didnt get much work done. Honestly it has just been hard. I had a nice long talk with my very loving mission President today and he is just amazing! i feel so blessed to have him as my president. i told him about everything and he was so understanding. i just got a call a few minutes ago saying that i am being transfered in the morning at 9! Ahhhhh so stressed now i have to pack all of my things! but i am hopeful and excited that things will be better. 
We have this old guy investigator named Erminio (the one that always wants to hug me) He is hilarious! He was asking us about boyfriends and he told me that he is sure i´ve got a boy back in the united states, but i need to marry a mexican in mexico. Its the word of God! hahahah i about died. Also he is wondering if i have any aunts who want to marry him. He is about 80 years old and likes to work hard. so if your interested just let me know.. 
He want to get baptized so bad this week but cant because he has only been to church once. and then he didnt come yesterday because he got in a little car crash but he is just fine! Also this week a recent member man kissed me on the cheek! i didn´t realize what was happening so i couldn´t stop it! Everyone always asks me if im tired. Dogs are everywhere and so sick! it rained a lot this week and one day it was balls of ice! like marble size and it was crazy! 30 minutes later it was so warm and sunny. We had a baptism yesterday. The sweetest 14 year old girl named Conception (kony) She is so cute and the best! i was so excited for her. Watching the womens conference made me so home sick and i didn´t even understand any of the talks because it was in spanish. but the music was beautiful! 
i just wish i could take little pictures or videos with my eye and send them to you!!!!!!
Its been a rough week, but things are bound to get better! 
I love you all so much!
-Hermana Gunnell

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