Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5 de Mayo

I got to start my week off in Xalapa with my Bestie Hermanas and it was truly so great! And we got to stay an extra day because our visas weren´t ready to sign the first day we were there. Dream come true! It had been way too long and we just needed to be together! The bus to Poza Rica got in about 12 and i was so tired. Then the next day we had to do divisions with our sister tranning leader. It was good but i felt weird being in my area without hna Figueroa... it just wasnt the same or as fun.
Our house is gross. Its been a missionary house for a few years and it just doesnt get cleaned good and i hate it. There is always little ants every where crawling on us in our beds and just every where, but ive gotten used to that. I was so tired one night and as i was getting ready for bed i lifted up my pillow and there was a weird fuzzy thing under it.....i was a little creeped out by it so i scrapped it on my name tag then squished it a little with a bobby pin. My worst nightmare. The sickest worm came out of both ends and i wanted to die!!!!! SO SICK! I was having a heart attack and so was my comp. then i moved my bed from the wall than there was more suck on the wall! I went on a rage and had to clean the whole house because i was so disgusted. I just want to get out of that house. All of the elders in our area have new nice houses and i want to trade!

Today we went to the centro. Its like a big market place that is fun and also scary. Hna Fig and i were looking at clothes and then some how we took a turn for the worst and ended up in the area with all of the meat. So many chickens just hanging by a hook in their head and huge cow legs! Guts on the floor and it smelled awful because it was in a hot building! We were trying to hurry and find our way out because we both wanted to barf! It was so confusing and took forever! Then we went to the mall and ate pizza and i kind of felt like i was back in America then i looked out the window and just saw jungle....oh Mexico.
-hermana gunnell

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  1. Hermana Gunnell, que alegria saber que alguien tan especial como tu, esta aprediendo español y conociendo la cultura hispana, y especial la de Mexico, llena de simplicidad. Estoy tan feliz por ti, te recordamos siempre. Un gran abrazo! Oh!! Jesus va a Mexico, Hermosillo, sale a su mission en Agosto. :)