Monday, May 26, 2014

Holy Hermanas...

This week has gone by so fast but i feel like so many things have happend!!!
I had a case of zombie eye for a day which was real fun! And i also completed my fourth month in the mission! wahoo!! 

All of the elders in my district sang my favorite spanish love song to me ahahahaha!!!!! We also had stake conference yesterday which was really good! 
This week me and Hna Figueroa really just tried to enjoy everything and be happy about everything because we had a feeling that one of us was going to get transfered. And we had so much fun! Last night we got a call for transfers and hna Figueroa is now in Xalapa and she is tranning a nueva! And guess what is even crazier??? Im here in the same area but with Hna Black, another american, she is from provo and she is just great and she helped me so much back when i was in xalapa! I was super excited when i found out and than the more i thought about it the more scared i got. Two white girls in mexico together and we both know about the same amount of spanish....How are we going to survive this?!?!? AHHHHHHH!
But i know that we are going to work so hard and be extra careful and have a lot of sucess!!! I LOVE YOU ALL! The church is true! Miss you more than life!
-Hermana Gunnell

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