Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Dont worry im alive! Sorry i didnt get to email yesterday because my email account wasnt working and i was so sad so i got permission to write today! yay! This week we had a super long conference with President Saucedo and his wife. It was good and they just talked about some rules, health stuff and mission things. I also had the most delicious guacamole twice this week. Heaven. And we have been living off lichis!!!! A dream come true we love them so much! 

We had a fun activity this week with our distric and a few investigators! ill send a picture. Also a man declaredhis love for me and i was so confused so i just pretended like i didnt understand hahah. what?? Our whole district had a baptism this sunday and we were supposed to but it didnt happen so we felt kind of sad but hopefully next week. The Elders investigator still wasnt sure if he wanted to get baptized because he really likes to drink coffee and he is 10. So hna figueroa and I said that we would sing a song at his baptism thinking that there would only be a few people there, but it was combined with another ward so there was tons of people and i was so embarrassed but it was fine! Also the weather the past week was so nice and fresh feeling but its super hot again today.
i love you all! The church is true!
-hermana Gunnell

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