Monday, June 30, 2014

Fatty Fatty Boom Boom.

Those of you who know about the van fatty fatty boom boom....i found her in Mexico!!!! It is basically the same van and so i was telling my comp about it and i have been singing the song all week long! The new President of the misión got here today and we are all super excited about it so we had a fiesta! (in our hearts). We have cambios (transfers) Next week and im so nervous/excited. Me and Hna Black found a Little park this week and it had a suba y baja so we played on it for a good few minutes just to feel even more happy:)
This week my District leader, Elder Delgado (skinnny) told me that i look more gordita then when he first met me...i was annoyed alittle but just excepted it because its the truth and its not offensive in mexico. Then his american comp got really mad at him when he found out and it was hilarious! But my District Leader really is the best! He has helped me so much with everything the past 3 months! Super grateful. Even though im the fatty in the District ha..
Milagro(Miracle): We have this investigator named Verania. She is 14 and has been talking to the misioneras for about 8 months.....super long time! We dont count her as progressing because she cant get baptized with out her parents signing the paper. Well we didnt vist her for a long time because we were focusing on other people and then she came to church a few weeks ago so we started to visit her again. She is so cute and knows so much about the góspel and wants to be baptized so bad. Her goal is the 6 of July. We went to her house yesterday just to talk with her and her mom came out and was super mad and they were fighting and the mom was yelling at us saying how Verania needs to study the góspel more and she isnt ready to make this promise with god yet. There was Little kids yelling and running around and verania was yelling and Satan was just working really hard so that her mom wouldnt sign the paper. Well good thing my comp said a prayer in her heart and so did I. There was a pause for a second so I just started talking about Verania and baptism and shared my testimony. I really dont know what i was saying i just know that i repeated myself a lot and then i started crying and at the end i just asked her to sign the paper......SHE SIGNED IT!!!! We were truly sooooo happy and Verania was so happy and she was crying with me! But it was truly such a special momento and a milagro! We are so excited for her baptism this week :D
God hears and answers prayers!
Miracles are real!
La Iglesia de Jesucrist de los Santos de los Ultimo Dias es verdadero! (The Church is true!)


-Hermana Gunnell


Suba y Baja:) (seesaw)

Another missionary's mom posted these three pictures on the mission FB page. Enjoy!

Monday, June 23, 2014

If Mangos Could Kill...

Yesterday was my five month mark in the mission! Wahoo i have a whole hand now! This week we had interviews with President and i was super scared for them because he just is not that nice, but surprisingly he was super nice with me and was joking with me about stuff then he said how i have another 7 months to be in Poza Rica....i didnt think it was very funny but he said he was joking.....hopefully. Then he was not so nice to my companion and everyone else in my district....i dont understand why he had interviews with him when we are getting a new president in seven days. FIESTA!!! This week was sweaty hot like always and everyone has been offering us mangos. Hna Black HATES mangos! I think they are a delicious fruit from heaven so i just eat all of hers and drink the mango water and its soooooooo good!!! If you ever have seen mango trees you probably think they are kind of weird. i think they are. And once the mangos get big enough they just drop from the tree and they are huge and heavy and i am positive that if one fell and hit some one in the head it would kill them. So i am extra careful when we stand under or next to a mango tree.:) Mangos=Delicious golden necture from heaven/Posible killing weapon.
-Hermana Gunnell

Monday, June 16, 2014

Nobody is Perfect.

This week was blazing hot!! The sun drains all of our energy in 5 minutes.
I hope you all are watching the World Cup because i want to sooooo bad! im going to be the biggest soccer fan when i come home:) Thats the truth.
We got to eat at subway this week which was so fun and delicious! We also go ice cream and it melted in 5 seconds but it was so good! Luna painted my nails one day.......they are super pretty;) We had a little birthday dinner for one of the elders. And yesterday the elders had a bapitsm but the font was GREEN so we changed it to BLUE:)

So we started off this change super good we found a lot of new people to teach and we thought all of them were golden! Now we are have like no one to teach...everyone has problems. We do to. Its sad to see the challenges that people have had in their lives and they dont want to or dont think they can change..We just want to help everyone because we know that they just need the gospel in their lives and they can receive so many blessings! Its frustrating that is has to be so difficult. But we always learn from our experiences! I love you all and miss you mucho!
-Hermana Gunnell

Green Font

blue font
the elders used these blue things that are for the toilets.....i guess it worked hahahaha!!!!

Ice Cream!!! Melted so fast!


Luna painting my nails!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Welcome to the rainy season...

Rain rain and more rain!
I love it because its not super super hot but we also get soaking wet all of the time!
The first day it rained a lot i didnt have an umbrela with me so i just enjoyed it and danced in the rain and it was the greatest! but not so great after when i was wet and we had to go to citas ha.
We got to go to a "wedding" this week of the elders investigators. It was just at some city building and they signed a bunch a papers and then we left...not too exciting.
I got to do divisions with the lovely Hermana Seegmiller this week and it was so fun! It was her birthday the day before so we bought huge waters and pan (bread) to celebrate:)
We held a English class this week.....hilarious!! I dont understand how they will ever learn....but i at least have an idea of what i sound like to them when i speak in spanish jaja.
I also stepped in a freshly made cement sidewalk with my boots and sunk in way deep...everyone laughed at me and then i laughed too:)
Little Luna is the cutest little girl! We are teaching her older sister but she is always there and always has a million questions about the book of mormon and the bible and the chuch and she is just the cutest! I told her that she can come to the United States with me when i go back:)
There is nothing to do on p-days in poza rica so we decided to play soccer as a was super hot but super fun!
Missions are truly the best! I realized that i probably always seem negative about everything but i want you all to know that i love being here! And i love being a missionary! Its hard, but everything is so worth it! I have learned so much and im so grateful that i made the choice to serve a misión:)
The church is true.
-Hermana Gunnell

Hermana Seegmiller

Little Luna my favorite little mexican girl:)

District after a nice game of soccer! (my team almost won...)

This is a pic one of Tree's friends on FB emailed to her.

Monday, June 2, 2014

dos gringas

This week we worked super hard! My new comp killed all of our old investigators so we had to basically start over.[When she says "killed" she means they dropped all of their investigators, or stopped teaching them because they were not progressing FYI] But we found some amazing people who are so ready!! It feels so weird being with another american because she just always speaks in english and we struggle. Our president got a little mad at us for it and now we have instructions to only speak in spanish!! oops....
So we found this family this week and they are the best the mom is Mary and her son Miguel is 16 and her daughter Cori is 10. The whole time in our first lesson she was just like oh i need this! my son wants to marry a mormon! Do you have boyfriends? Is it okay if you marry a Mexican? She is hilarious and we love her so much! We are super excited and are hopeful that they will progress really fast:)
I also had NO money this was so sad and i was so thristy so many times so we had a lot a lessons with the members.
We have a giant cerro (hill) in our area and i have only been on one side of it but this week we had comida (food) with a less active member who lives on the other side super far away! It was an adventure and we got lost a few times but it was fun and so beautiful and green!
We also visited the bishop with the elders in our ward and after everyone was so mad because he doesn´t want to help us or work with us at all. Then we had a meeting with another member and he was super nice and helpful!
Today we went to a pizza buffet and it was delicious:)
When we got lost in the cerro (hill)


Pizza with the district

last moments with hna figueroa :,(

Just having fun!

ALSO: Here are some older pictures from when she first got to Mexico. Someone emailed them to her Facebook, and I just found them today!