Monday, June 2, 2014

dos gringas

This week we worked super hard! My new comp killed all of our old investigators so we had to basically start over.[When she says "killed" she means they dropped all of their investigators, or stopped teaching them because they were not progressing FYI] But we found some amazing people who are so ready!! It feels so weird being with another american because she just always speaks in english and we struggle. Our president got a little mad at us for it and now we have instructions to only speak in spanish!! oops....
So we found this family this week and they are the best the mom is Mary and her son Miguel is 16 and her daughter Cori is 10. The whole time in our first lesson she was just like oh i need this! my son wants to marry a mormon! Do you have boyfriends? Is it okay if you marry a Mexican? She is hilarious and we love her so much! We are super excited and are hopeful that they will progress really fast:)
I also had NO money this was so sad and i was so thristy so many times so we had a lot a lessons with the members.
We have a giant cerro (hill) in our area and i have only been on one side of it but this week we had comida (food) with a less active member who lives on the other side super far away! It was an adventure and we got lost a few times but it was fun and so beautiful and green!
We also visited the bishop with the elders in our ward and after everyone was so mad because he doesn´t want to help us or work with us at all. Then we had a meeting with another member and he was super nice and helpful!
Today we went to a pizza buffet and it was delicious:)
When we got lost in the cerro (hill)


Pizza with the district

last moments with hna figueroa :,(

Just having fun!

ALSO: Here are some older pictures from when she first got to Mexico. Someone emailed them to her Facebook, and I just found them today!

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