Monday, June 30, 2014

Fatty Fatty Boom Boom.

Those of you who know about the van fatty fatty boom boom....i found her in Mexico!!!! It is basically the same van and so i was telling my comp about it and i have been singing the song all week long! The new President of the misión got here today and we are all super excited about it so we had a fiesta! (in our hearts). We have cambios (transfers) Next week and im so nervous/excited. Me and Hna Black found a Little park this week and it had a suba y baja so we played on it for a good few minutes just to feel even more happy:)
This week my District leader, Elder Delgado (skinnny) told me that i look more gordita then when he first met me...i was annoyed alittle but just excepted it because its the truth and its not offensive in mexico. Then his american comp got really mad at him when he found out and it was hilarious! But my District Leader really is the best! He has helped me so much with everything the past 3 months! Super grateful. Even though im the fatty in the District ha..
Milagro(Miracle): We have this investigator named Verania. She is 14 and has been talking to the misioneras for about 8 months.....super long time! We dont count her as progressing because she cant get baptized with out her parents signing the paper. Well we didnt vist her for a long time because we were focusing on other people and then she came to church a few weeks ago so we started to visit her again. She is so cute and knows so much about the góspel and wants to be baptized so bad. Her goal is the 6 of July. We went to her house yesterday just to talk with her and her mom came out and was super mad and they were fighting and the mom was yelling at us saying how Verania needs to study the góspel more and she isnt ready to make this promise with god yet. There was Little kids yelling and running around and verania was yelling and Satan was just working really hard so that her mom wouldnt sign the paper. Well good thing my comp said a prayer in her heart and so did I. There was a pause for a second so I just started talking about Verania and baptism and shared my testimony. I really dont know what i was saying i just know that i repeated myself a lot and then i started crying and at the end i just asked her to sign the paper......SHE SIGNED IT!!!! We were truly sooooo happy and Verania was so happy and she was crying with me! But it was truly such a special momento and a milagro! We are so excited for her baptism this week :D
God hears and answers prayers!
Miracles are real!
La Iglesia de Jesucrist de los Santos de los Ultimo Dias es verdadero! (The Church is true!)


-Hermana Gunnell


Suba y Baja:) (seesaw)

Another missionary's mom posted these three pictures on the mission FB page. Enjoy!

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