Monday, June 23, 2014

If Mangos Could Kill...

Yesterday was my five month mark in the mission! Wahoo i have a whole hand now! This week we had interviews with President and i was super scared for them because he just is not that nice, but surprisingly he was super nice with me and was joking with me about stuff then he said how i have another 7 months to be in Poza Rica....i didnt think it was very funny but he said he was joking.....hopefully. Then he was not so nice to my companion and everyone else in my district....i dont understand why he had interviews with him when we are getting a new president in seven days. FIESTA!!! This week was sweaty hot like always and everyone has been offering us mangos. Hna Black HATES mangos! I think they are a delicious fruit from heaven so i just eat all of hers and drink the mango water and its soooooooo good!!! If you ever have seen mango trees you probably think they are kind of weird. i think they are. And once the mangos get big enough they just drop from the tree and they are huge and heavy and i am positive that if one fell and hit some one in the head it would kill them. So i am extra careful when we stand under or next to a mango tree.:) Mangos=Delicious golden necture from heaven/Posible killing weapon.
-Hermana Gunnell

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