Monday, June 16, 2014

Nobody is Perfect.

This week was blazing hot!! The sun drains all of our energy in 5 minutes.
I hope you all are watching the World Cup because i want to sooooo bad! im going to be the biggest soccer fan when i come home:) Thats the truth.
We got to eat at subway this week which was so fun and delicious! We also go ice cream and it melted in 5 seconds but it was so good! Luna painted my nails one day.......they are super pretty;) We had a little birthday dinner for one of the elders. And yesterday the elders had a bapitsm but the font was GREEN so we changed it to BLUE:)

So we started off this change super good we found a lot of new people to teach and we thought all of them were golden! Now we are have like no one to teach...everyone has problems. We do to. Its sad to see the challenges that people have had in their lives and they dont want to or dont think they can change..We just want to help everyone because we know that they just need the gospel in their lives and they can receive so many blessings! Its frustrating that is has to be so difficult. But we always learn from our experiences! I love you all and miss you mucho!
-Hermana Gunnell

Green Font

blue font
the elders used these blue things that are for the toilets.....i guess it worked hahahaha!!!!

Ice Cream!!! Melted so fast!


Luna painting my nails!

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