Monday, June 9, 2014

Welcome to the rainy season...

Rain rain and more rain!
I love it because its not super super hot but we also get soaking wet all of the time!
The first day it rained a lot i didnt have an umbrela with me so i just enjoyed it and danced in the rain and it was the greatest! but not so great after when i was wet and we had to go to citas ha.
We got to go to a "wedding" this week of the elders investigators. It was just at some city building and they signed a bunch a papers and then we left...not too exciting.
I got to do divisions with the lovely Hermana Seegmiller this week and it was so fun! It was her birthday the day before so we bought huge waters and pan (bread) to celebrate:)
We held a English class this week.....hilarious!! I dont understand how they will ever learn....but i at least have an idea of what i sound like to them when i speak in spanish jaja.
I also stepped in a freshly made cement sidewalk with my boots and sunk in way deep...everyone laughed at me and then i laughed too:)
Little Luna is the cutest little girl! We are teaching her older sister but she is always there and always has a million questions about the book of mormon and the bible and the chuch and she is just the cutest! I told her that she can come to the United States with me when i go back:)
There is nothing to do on p-days in poza rica so we decided to play soccer as a was super hot but super fun!
Missions are truly the best! I realized that i probably always seem negative about everything but i want you all to know that i love being here! And i love being a missionary! Its hard, but everything is so worth it! I have learned so much and im so grateful that i made the choice to serve a misiĆ³n:)
The church is true.
-Hermana Gunnell

Hermana Seegmiller

Little Luna my favorite little mexican girl:)

District after a nice game of soccer! (my team almost won...)

This is a pic one of Tree's friends on FB emailed to her.

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