Monday, July 28, 2014


Papantla is a super old pueblo and there is people here that speak a different language called totonaco! Its so weird and cool! im going to learn it! And they have super weird legends and witch craft type stuff like how to make someone fall in love with you and other weird things... They  also have a princess Totonaco and they wear this old white dress with red flowers and have a big viel... look it up! A lady we ate food with one day this week sang us the princess totonaco song and it was so pretty and she had the sweetest granny voice! I loved it and want someone to sing it to me every night before i go to bed!
We had interviews with president this week. And i made hna Figueroa a nice package to help cheer her up with all of her favorite things and letters and balloons and scriptures and stuff:)
Sorry this email is short! 
I love you all!!!
-Hermana Gunnell
For those of you who think im not getting a tan! haha

most delicious hugest plate of food!

Read a book :)

the package i sent hna fig :)

 Hna Juarez and i get so thursty all the time and spend all our monies on drinks.

What..?? So fea......hahah

Saturday, July 26, 2014


This week has been sooooo hot! Sweating buckets all day long! We have comida with the elders in our ward and every day while we are eating we litterally all have sweat dripping off us. So sick. A member told us that we just entered the 40 days of heat here in papantla....:l why am i always in the hottest places?? at least im gettin a nice tan;) 
Best part of my week was that we got a phone call from hna Greer and she wanted to talk to me, but when my comp handed me the phone it was Hna Figueroa!!! My long lost favorite compañera!!!! I miss her so much and it was so good to talk to her! She sounded a little sad and has been having a hard time so hna greer gave her permission to talk to me only for like 15 minutes. I started crying when i heard her voice! She is the best and i love her but it hurt my heart that she is having a rough time. She told me that when ever she feels sad she writes me a letter..:( She is litterally my best friend and im so glad that i got to be her companion for 2 months. We just hit our 6 month mark and only have one year left. Pray for her that she will start to feel better and be happier por favor:)
I think that they should make it a rule that if you go on your mission to mexico you have to learn how to play soccer first. All of the little boys play fútbol in the streets and all of the Elders only want to play fútbol on p-days. Lets just say i look like a fool when i play because i have no idea what im doing.
We worked super hard this week to find new people to teach and we had some success which was great! and This week we are going to work super hard again:) Yay for missionary work in sweaty hot mexico!!! (im starting to LOVE freezing cold showers:)
I love you all!!
-Hermana gunnell

Look at this beauty!

Monday, July 14, 2014


Hey guess what i got transfered!! Im now in Papantla in the area voladores! It is beautiful here and is a little old town with lots of histoy but its more modern now days. The weather is only a little bit less sweaty than Poza Rica. My companion is hermana Juarez. She is mexican and she is super loud and talks a lot! She likes to joke around but she also just says the truth even if its a little mean some times haha. Her favorite phrase it "Que esta pasando con usted??" ("What's going on with you??") And she says it with her big attitude! She has three monthes in the mission and we have lots of fun together:)
There is a lot of men with donkeys here and i want one to take me up all of the cerros (hills). We are climbing hills ALL day long! I feel like i have knives in the back of my legs everyday. The ward is super tiny i counted on sunday and there was a total of 56 people in the sacrament! The missionaries have to give talks every week and teach the gospel doctrine class.....yikes! My turn in this sunday.
Our area is little and when i got here we had no investigators! lame. but we have been working hard to find more!
i love you all:)
-Hermana Gunnell

The elders that we have to eat food with everyday.
a Cute puppy that loved me so much at the top of a hill:)
hna Juarez
we went to tajin again!

hna Christina :) she is the nicest lady and she is going to new york tomorrow!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Labor of Love...

Happy Birthday land of the free home of the brave! (im going to be so patriotic when i come home....maybe). This fourth of July for me was a special one because we got to have a conference with President Greer and Hermana Greer. They truly are the best!!! They are so loving and kind to all of us :D We couldnt think of anything super american to do that day but we couldnt think of anything. Hugging an American (hna Greer) was good enough for me!
This week was the last one in this transfer and it feels like these past six weeks have gone by so fast! The leaders told us that the misión is closing the área 5 de mayo that we are in so we have been canceling the house contracts and all of that fun stuff....but at the same time the leaders are not 100% sure so we really have no idea whats going on. Transfers are tomorrow but we still havent recieved the call telling us whats going on. Most probably is that im going to a different place but ill let you all know next week!
We had a baptism yesterday and it was truly such a special thing! Verania was so excited and so nervous for her baptism because she has been waiting for it for 9 months.We were joking saying how it is like a pregnancy and now after 9 months she is going to have a new life haha. Her mom even got all dressed up for the service and so many Ward members also came! The Young women had 2 special songs for her and hna black also sang a solo! Verania had a Young man in the Ward (her boy) baptized her:) I was crying a lot by the end of it.
I have decided that i love/hate transfers. I love the change but i hate that i have to say good bye to so many people i love and care about! At church yesterday Lucia, a recent convert that me and hna Figueroa taught, brought me flowers and she was so sad... Then after the baptism Little Luna came up to me and was bawling trying to say good by to me....:( That was so hard. I started crying so hard i could barely breath and she would hug me and let go and then hug me again because she doesnt want me to leave and i dont want to leave her. I think of her as my Little sister and i just feel so much love for her that i cant explain. Im so grateful that I got to know her and that she will forever be a part of my life but i feel so sad that i have to leave her and i dont know if or when i will ever see her again:,( I hope it will be someday soon! Im not looking forward to saying goodbye to verania tonight :/ Why is saying goodbye so hard?
The work of the Lord is a Labor of Love... Its not easy but it is so rewarding!
I love being a missionary:)
I love  you all be happy!
-Hermana Gunnell

Verania :)