Saturday, July 26, 2014


This week has been sooooo hot! Sweating buckets all day long! We have comida with the elders in our ward and every day while we are eating we litterally all have sweat dripping off us. So sick. A member told us that we just entered the 40 days of heat here in papantla....:l why am i always in the hottest places?? at least im gettin a nice tan;) 
Best part of my week was that we got a phone call from hna Greer and she wanted to talk to me, but when my comp handed me the phone it was Hna Figueroa!!! My long lost favorite compañera!!!! I miss her so much and it was so good to talk to her! She sounded a little sad and has been having a hard time so hna greer gave her permission to talk to me only for like 15 minutes. I started crying when i heard her voice! She is the best and i love her but it hurt my heart that she is having a rough time. She told me that when ever she feels sad she writes me a letter..:( She is litterally my best friend and im so glad that i got to be her companion for 2 months. We just hit our 6 month mark and only have one year left. Pray for her that she will start to feel better and be happier por favor:)
I think that they should make it a rule that if you go on your mission to mexico you have to learn how to play soccer first. All of the little boys play fútbol in the streets and all of the Elders only want to play fútbol on p-days. Lets just say i look like a fool when i play because i have no idea what im doing.
We worked super hard this week to find new people to teach and we had some success which was great! and This week we are going to work super hard again:) Yay for missionary work in sweaty hot mexico!!! (im starting to LOVE freezing cold showers:)
I love you all!!
-Hermana gunnell

Look at this beauty!

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