Monday, July 14, 2014


Hey guess what i got transfered!! Im now in Papantla in the area voladores! It is beautiful here and is a little old town with lots of histoy but its more modern now days. The weather is only a little bit less sweaty than Poza Rica. My companion is hermana Juarez. She is mexican and she is super loud and talks a lot! She likes to joke around but she also just says the truth even if its a little mean some times haha. Her favorite phrase it "Que esta pasando con usted??" ("What's going on with you??") And she says it with her big attitude! She has three monthes in the mission and we have lots of fun together:)
There is a lot of men with donkeys here and i want one to take me up all of the cerros (hills). We are climbing hills ALL day long! I feel like i have knives in the back of my legs everyday. The ward is super tiny i counted on sunday and there was a total of 56 people in the sacrament! The missionaries have to give talks every week and teach the gospel doctrine class.....yikes! My turn in this sunday.
Our area is little and when i got here we had no investigators! lame. but we have been working hard to find more!
i love you all:)
-Hermana Gunnell

The elders that we have to eat food with everyday.
a Cute puppy that loved me so much at the top of a hill:)
hna Juarez
we went to tajin again!

hna Christina :) she is the nicest lady and she is going to new york tomorrow!

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