Tuesday, August 26, 2014


We worked super super hard this week and i am so tired! I love my new companion Hermana Vera! She is 20 and from the state of Mexico. She is the most loving person and is such a hard worker! She has 5 months in the mission and she is helping me and teaching me tons! We make delicious breakfast and dinner everyday and we try to have lots of fun:) Hna Vera doenst know hardly any english so ive been trying to teach her but some times i get a little frustrated and give up haha but we are going to keep working on it!  
Okay so lately ive been noticing that some ladies here have the longest arm hair! Truly so long like a good 2 inches and i just am so weirded out by it...why do they just leave it there? Im sure it gets tangled and the have to comb it out....?
For the past month or so ive been thinking a lot about agency. Ive been trying really hard to accept the choices that other people make and not to worry about the things i cant change. Im trying to be happy no matter what happens. With hna Vera she gets super stressed out about everything with our investigator because she likes everything to be perfect. So even more now im trying to just help her be a little more relaxed about things. I dont know if what im trying to say makes sense...but ya, al a goma con todo!
i love you all
-hna g.
 *hna vera
*delicious pancakes that we made for breakfast:)

Monday, August 18, 2014


This week was full of crazy. Im basically out of time so here is the short story.
We were teaching a young girl, yarumi, but she lives in a different area than ours..but her extened family goes to our ward so we taught her in the church and in the house of her aunt. Well the elders and hermanas of the other zone found out and got super mad and there was a lot of anger and confussion and nothing good. So we decided that we were going to baptize her as the four hermanas then they said that hna juarez and i couldnt talk or meet up with yarumi...:/ but we could go to her baptism. So we went yesterday and the other hermanas didnt have anything ready so we had to help with everything! It was a rough week with a lot of tears from my companion, but in the end everything was fine and Yarumi is super happy:)
Also we have transfers tomorrow and my comp is going to poza rica and i will be staying here and my comp will be hermana Vera.
I love you all!

 im going to miss this crazy hermana!!!

the elders in the same ward started dressing the same too haha

my cute friend mildret:)

Monday, August 11, 2014

your mom...

This week i had a really good time because i taught my companion how to say "your mom goes to college!" And i truly think it is so hilarious!!! and when she gets mad at the elders she yells it at them and i die laughing every time but the elders dont even think its very funny! We went and saw the cemetery and at first i thought it was like a little village for little people because it looks like it  could be part of disneyland...but its also kind of creepy because its for dead people. Me and my companion have also started to dress the same just for fun and to be more united haha. 
We had to talk to the mom of one of our investigators on saturday and we were super nervous because we thought the mom was going to be rude but she ended up signing the paper so we will be having a baptism next we and we are so excited! :)
Also just want you all to know how great the bishop is in our ward! he always helps us a ton and jokes around with us and we ate at his house the other day and he would only call me guera {blonde} and he kept saying "POR FAVOR!" just like my companion says it and it was real funny.
-hermana gunnell

-the graves...
-hna juarez...she´s crazy!
 -matching with our cute investigator mildret:)
-our breakfast this morning!

Monday, August 4, 2014

A week of nothing...

This week nothing happend. I got sick Tuesday morning and we had to take a few rest days so that i could get better. So the work was very slow and very little. But im much better now so this week we are going to work a lot! 
-hermana gunnell
-a member took us to a fancy resturant last monday and this was the view.
titanic haha

-just having fun all of the time

-weird plant/fruit that is like cotten...ehh