Tuesday, August 26, 2014


We worked super super hard this week and i am so tired! I love my new companion Hermana Vera! She is 20 and from the state of Mexico. She is the most loving person and is such a hard worker! She has 5 months in the mission and she is helping me and teaching me tons! We make delicious breakfast and dinner everyday and we try to have lots of fun:) Hna Vera doenst know hardly any english so ive been trying to teach her but some times i get a little frustrated and give up haha but we are going to keep working on it!  
Okay so lately ive been noticing that some ladies here have the longest arm hair! Truly so long like a good 2 inches and i just am so weirded out by it...why do they just leave it there? Im sure it gets tangled and the have to comb it out....?
For the past month or so ive been thinking a lot about agency. Ive been trying really hard to accept the choices that other people make and not to worry about the things i cant change. Im trying to be happy no matter what happens. With hna Vera she gets super stressed out about everything with our investigator because she likes everything to be perfect. So even more now im trying to just help her be a little more relaxed about things. I dont know if what im trying to say makes sense...but ya, al a goma con todo!
i love you all
-hna g.
 *hna vera
*delicious pancakes that we made for breakfast:)

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