Monday, August 18, 2014


This week was full of crazy. Im basically out of time so here is the short story.
We were teaching a young girl, yarumi, but she lives in a different area than ours..but her extened family goes to our ward so we taught her in the church and in the house of her aunt. Well the elders and hermanas of the other zone found out and got super mad and there was a lot of anger and confussion and nothing good. So we decided that we were going to baptize her as the four hermanas then they said that hna juarez and i couldnt talk or meet up with yarumi...:/ but we could go to her baptism. So we went yesterday and the other hermanas didnt have anything ready so we had to help with everything! It was a rough week with a lot of tears from my companion, but in the end everything was fine and Yarumi is super happy:)
Also we have transfers tomorrow and my comp is going to poza rica and i will be staying here and my comp will be hermana Vera.
I love you all!

 im going to miss this crazy hermana!!!

the elders in the same ward started dressing the same too haha

my cute friend mildret:)

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