Monday, August 11, 2014

your mom...

This week i had a really good time because i taught my companion how to say "your mom goes to college!" And i truly think it is so hilarious!!! and when she gets mad at the elders she yells it at them and i die laughing every time but the elders dont even think its very funny! We went and saw the cemetery and at first i thought it was like a little village for little people because it looks like it  could be part of disneyland...but its also kind of creepy because its for dead people. Me and my companion have also started to dress the same just for fun and to be more united haha. 
We had to talk to the mom of one of our investigators on saturday and we were super nervous because we thought the mom was going to be rude but she ended up signing the paper so we will be having a baptism next we and we are so excited! :)
Also just want you all to know how great the bishop is in our ward! he always helps us a ton and jokes around with us and we ate at his house the other day and he would only call me guera {blonde} and he kept saying "POR FAVOR!" just like my companion says it and it was real funny.
-hermana gunnell

-the graves...
-hna juarez...she´s crazy!
 -matching with our cute investigator mildret:)
-our breakfast this morning!

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