Monday, September 29, 2014


I dont have much to say this week..... heres what happend
-blood a lot a blood. (dont worry im fine:)
-cutest little Angel
-And his baptism:)
He truly was so excited even though his overall was huge he said it was okay because it made him like Robocop haha :) It was a really good day and everyon was super happy!

I love you all!
-hermana Gunnell

oh...Today we had transfers and for the first time I am staying with my companion!!! yay :)

Monday, September 22, 2014


This week we had a lot of agua...or a lack of it.
Last monday we had to be in our houses by 7 for safety reasons because it was independence day here in mexico. We really wanted to celebrate it so we decided to go up on our roof with blankets and pillows and we rested on cots and were watching the fireworks and then it started raining so hard so we had to hurry and take everything inside but it was super fun! Also this week i was washing some clothes one night and then the water stopped....-_- So i climbed up to where the water tank is and opened it to find it basically empty. We were sad because i had just paid the water bill the week before. But then we figured out that we accidently turned off our water a few days before....So we had to go a night without showering but the next morning everything was back to normal! yay! The water here in papantla is super not clean they dont purify it hardly at all so all of us missionaries suffer un buen! My first transfer here i had really bad allergy rashes and was so itchy all of the time! Then a ward member told me to buy this magical powder that smells real bad but it helped me out a ton! I still am suffering but not so much as before :) But my companion has got it really bad and i feel bad for her.
We had a ward activity this week and it was super fun! We had lots of investigators come and participate :)
Sorry this email is lame...i really dont have much to say this week..
i love you all!
-hermana gunnell
-our night on the roof

-i was so cold and my companion thought it was so funny

-my best friend rocko

-breakfast of the champions jajaja.

-Cinthia, one of our investigators that went to the ward activity and was in the fashion show with the young women.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fancy Pants

Lets first admit that im addicted to buying things. (i get it from my mom;) I found the coolest store in all of papantla that just has all of my favorite things! I bought two fancy pants there...they are the love of my life. Red ones with cool like tribal patterns and yellow ones with elefantes :D unfortunately i didnt take any pictures sorry. next week. We have been working super hard with our investigators and just being their amigas mas! One thing i love about hermana vera is that she is imediately friends with everyone and she is so personal and just great! She just loves them instantly and then stresses so much about them! When i show people my pictures from before the mission they are always amazed and say things like "wow...cameras really do milagros!" or "This isnt you....what happend?" Thank you everyone! Mexico happend to me and i will never be the same because of it! hah.
One night we were walking with some girls we are teaching and one of them was walking infront with me and she started telling me a lot of stuff... a lot of stuff. The whole time i was just thinking ¿porque? She is 16, so young and tiny. I was praying the whole time just asking for help because i truly didnt know what to say to her or how i could help her. She told me that she needs help and nobody in her family knows and she came to me because im a little older than her and she trust me a lot. I said what came to my mind and tried to help her the best i could but if you all would pray for her that would be amazing! Her name is Diana. After talking with her a lot of things were going through my mind but most of all how we have a Heavenly Father who loves us so much more than we can imagine. And He is always willing to help us in all things. That before we came to this earth we agreed to all of the things that would happen to us and that we are here to learn and grow from every experience. I truly am so grateful that i have this knowledge in my life and that i have the amazing chance to be here in mexico and share it with my brothers and sister :)
Be happy :)
-Hermana Gunnell

-best shoes in the land!

-remember my first companion? She is in my zone and we had a conference this week. She finishes her mission in 2 weeks! Crazy! I love her.

-food at the conference. soup and worm killing pills hahah

Monday, September 8, 2014


Its been raining a lot this week which i love in the moment but then after its so hot and humid :/
A man told me this week that he likes my eyes so he wants to chop my head of so he can have them....que miedo! We left really quick!
One day i was wearing a gray shirt and a blue skirt and when we got to the bottom of the stairs in our house my companion looked at me and told me i should probably change my skirt because it didnt match every well so i went and put a black one on and then she was so happy and was like 'oh so much better now we can leave the house!' ehhhh sorry i dont like to match...hahaha 
We did over night division this week with the sister training leader and her comp i got to go with her comp Hna Gailey in their area and it was so much fun!!! And on saturday we did divisions with these cute twins that i love so much! It was a good week!
i love you all!
-Hermana Gunnell

extreme makeover mexico addition hehehehe

my favorite twins!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Giggles... :)

Hna Vera and I have been laughing so much this week! It all started when we were in a lesson tuesday and there was this ugly turkey thing trying to peck the legs of hna vera and i was laughing so hard i was crying and she just kept going with the lesson like nothing was happening. Then later that night when we were trying to pray for planning she was laughing so hard thinking about me in the lesson. The next day in our district class we had to do practices with the zone leaders and they kept saying poo while we were teaching them and we were all laughing and crying! We are so mature haha. That night we went to visit a recent convert and we read the book of mormon with him because he doesnt know how to read and a verse that my companion read basically said butt and she was dying! I was laughing so hard because she thought it was so funny and kept repeating the sentence and then i got the hiccups and when i was reading she was giggling so much because i had the hiccups. We were a mess. Luckly we got through it. But every night when we go to pray before planning Hna Vera starts to laugh and she just has the cutest little giggle that makes me laugh and we struggle so much just to say a prayer, but at least we are having fun:)
This week we had stake conference and i was super excited about it but there was so many people and not enough seats so we had to stand in the hallway and didnt get to hear any of it...President Greer and Hermana Greer came and talked but i only got to hug hna Greer for two seconds then they left. We had a good week of working found lots of new investigators that are super good they just dont want to come to church with us because they are lazy! But we did have two little boys come with us this week which we were so happy about! Also we climb a billion stairs this week and our legs are so tired all the time!
I love you all!
-Hermana Gunnell

tiniest cokes that are so delicious!