Monday, September 22, 2014


This week we had a lot of agua...or a lack of it.
Last monday we had to be in our houses by 7 for safety reasons because it was independence day here in mexico. We really wanted to celebrate it so we decided to go up on our roof with blankets and pillows and we rested on cots and were watching the fireworks and then it started raining so hard so we had to hurry and take everything inside but it was super fun! Also this week i was washing some clothes one night and then the water stopped....-_- So i climbed up to where the water tank is and opened it to find it basically empty. We were sad because i had just paid the water bill the week before. But then we figured out that we accidently turned off our water a few days before....So we had to go a night without showering but the next morning everything was back to normal! yay! The water here in papantla is super not clean they dont purify it hardly at all so all of us missionaries suffer un buen! My first transfer here i had really bad allergy rashes and was so itchy all of the time! Then a ward member told me to buy this magical powder that smells real bad but it helped me out a ton! I still am suffering but not so much as before :) But my companion has got it really bad and i feel bad for her.
We had a ward activity this week and it was super fun! We had lots of investigators come and participate :)
Sorry this email is lame...i really dont have much to say this week..
i love you all!
-hermana gunnell
-our night on the roof

-i was so cold and my companion thought it was so funny

-my best friend rocko

-breakfast of the champions jajaja.

-Cinthia, one of our investigators that went to the ward activity and was in the fashion show with the young women.

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