Monday, September 15, 2014

Fancy Pants

Lets first admit that im addicted to buying things. (i get it from my mom;) I found the coolest store in all of papantla that just has all of my favorite things! I bought two fancy pants there...they are the love of my life. Red ones with cool like tribal patterns and yellow ones with elefantes :D unfortunately i didnt take any pictures sorry. next week. We have been working super hard with our investigators and just being their amigas mas! One thing i love about hermana vera is that she is imediately friends with everyone and she is so personal and just great! She just loves them instantly and then stresses so much about them! When i show people my pictures from before the mission they are always amazed and say things like "wow...cameras really do milagros!" or "This isnt you....what happend?" Thank you everyone! Mexico happend to me and i will never be the same because of it! hah.
One night we were walking with some girls we are teaching and one of them was walking infront with me and she started telling me a lot of stuff... a lot of stuff. The whole time i was just thinking ¿porque? She is 16, so young and tiny. I was praying the whole time just asking for help because i truly didnt know what to say to her or how i could help her. She told me that she needs help and nobody in her family knows and she came to me because im a little older than her and she trust me a lot. I said what came to my mind and tried to help her the best i could but if you all would pray for her that would be amazing! Her name is Diana. After talking with her a lot of things were going through my mind but most of all how we have a Heavenly Father who loves us so much more than we can imagine. And He is always willing to help us in all things. That before we came to this earth we agreed to all of the things that would happen to us and that we are here to learn and grow from every experience. I truly am so grateful that i have this knowledge in my life and that i have the amazing chance to be here in mexico and share it with my brothers and sister :)
Be happy :)
-Hermana Gunnell

-best shoes in the land!

-remember my first companion? She is in my zone and we had a conference this week. She finishes her mission in 2 weeks! Crazy! I love her.

-food at the conference. soup and worm killing pills hahah

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