Monday, October 27, 2014

Diablos en sus dentes.

Every week goes by so fast!!!! 
Im going to tell you all the story of Luis...
Luis has like 21 years and he is super cool. The first time i met him was back in July when i was with hna Juarez. One day he was sitting near our house talking to his girlfriend who is a member so we stopped to talk to them for a little while. The Girl moved away to study and Luis moved to Veracruz to study also. i never really thought about them again. About a month ago i received an email from Luis saying that he always regretted not talking to us more and learning more about the church. I was super confused because i could not remember ever talking to Luis. I sent him an email back telling him about the church website and how he could contact the misioneros closest to him. The next week he sent me another email thanking me and telling me how he is talking to the Elders and he is super excited to learn more about the gospel! A few weeks ago he came back to papantla and when i saw him i finaly recognized him back from July. Yesterday he was baptized by the elders in the other ward but we were able to go and i got to share a message at his bapitsm:) it was really great and even thought it wasnt one of my baptisms i still felt like i had a small role in his conversion to the gospel. He is super great and has so much faith and a super strong desire to learn as much as he can about the Church!
Hna Vera and I have been talking a lot about Diablos en su dentes (cavities) because we are always eating junk and now have decided to be better about eating healthy things! No more Diablos en mis dentes!
I love being a misionera! Its the best thing in the whole world!
-Hermana Gunnell

- I love doing divisions with Hna Gailey!!! She is the best!
 -We love Nacho libre corn :) Its the best!
-Luis. He is the best!

Monday, October 20, 2014


OH...can you believe that i have 9 months now. Crazy...time goes by so fast!
This week was full of lots of Birthday fun. My companion turned 21 the 16th and the Elder in our ward turned 20 the 17th. There was a lot of confetti which i love:)
We had the baptism this week of Sergio Daniel and it was super great! I will admit that i was a little doubtfull that it would happen because i wasnt convinced that he really wanted to be baptized. He has a very strong past and has made some huge incredible changes in his life. Yesterday i really could see his desire to be baptized and how happy he felt after. it was amazing:)
I love being a misionera and seeing the difference that the gospel makes in peoples lives. Its the best!
-hermana Gunnell

Monday, October 13, 2014

¿How Old is Your Soul?

Mi juventud ya cabo..:,(
Now that im 20 years old ive been thinking a lot about age. 20 is a lot, but really its nothing. Then i was wondering all week how old my soul is? Just a thought...
We had a super good week and i learned lots of new things! i now know how to make tortillas with the machine and with my hands. ¡Delicious! Then i learned how to make some other things that i dont know the name in english. i also ate a chicken foot this week!!!! SICK! i was so scared of it for reals. We ate mole about 6 times in the week. Good thing i like it kind of. We ran out of water the day before President Greer and hermana Greer came to our house for interviews...hopefully we didnt smell too bad haha.
This week Cinthya got baptized and is was so great! i love her a whole lot:) It was a dramatic day for her and she had all kinds of emotions going on but by the end she was very happy and content:)
I dont remember what else i was going to write about but i sent lots of pictures!
I love you all!!!
-Hermana Gunnell
The baptism of Cinthya :)

-a present from hna Figueroa :)

-A Huge elefante!!! :D

-cutest baby boy!

¡¡¡El Volador!!!

-making some food.

-my worst nightmare...eating chicken toes! I really was so scared of it. But it wasnt too bad.....:/

-We found this HUGE tree at the very top of a cerro

-just talking to a donkey.... oh i also cut my hair a few weeks ago...:,(

Monday, October 6, 2014


This week was a rough one... right now my favorite scripture is 2 Cor. 12 9-10. Read it.
I loved General Conference! It was so good and inspired! I hope you all got to watch it:) I tried some interesting foods this week Pig skin soup, wasnt to bad ;) and Mondongo (picture below.) It is a Cow stomache. Barf. It didnt taste terrible because it had tons and tons of chilly but the texture was sick! they call it towel because it has like little hairs on it. eww....... im glad we dont get it a lot!
Ive been thinking a lot lately about trials and how we are becoming perfected in them. So im trying to enjoy my weaknesses and the trails i have so that i can learn and grow from them. Its hard, but im working on it.
I love you all!
Be happy and have paciencia :)
-Hermana Gunnell