Monday, October 27, 2014

Diablos en sus dentes.

Every week goes by so fast!!!! 
Im going to tell you all the story of Luis...
Luis has like 21 years and he is super cool. The first time i met him was back in July when i was with hna Juarez. One day he was sitting near our house talking to his girlfriend who is a member so we stopped to talk to them for a little while. The Girl moved away to study and Luis moved to Veracruz to study also. i never really thought about them again. About a month ago i received an email from Luis saying that he always regretted not talking to us more and learning more about the church. I was super confused because i could not remember ever talking to Luis. I sent him an email back telling him about the church website and how he could contact the misioneros closest to him. The next week he sent me another email thanking me and telling me how he is talking to the Elders and he is super excited to learn more about the gospel! A few weeks ago he came back to papantla and when i saw him i finaly recognized him back from July. Yesterday he was baptized by the elders in the other ward but we were able to go and i got to share a message at his bapitsm:) it was really great and even thought it wasnt one of my baptisms i still felt like i had a small role in his conversion to the gospel. He is super great and has so much faith and a super strong desire to learn as much as he can about the Church!
Hna Vera and I have been talking a lot about Diablos en su dentes (cavities) because we are always eating junk and now have decided to be better about eating healthy things! No more Diablos en mis dentes!
I love being a misionera! Its the best thing in the whole world!
-Hermana Gunnell

- I love doing divisions with Hna Gailey!!! She is the best!
 -We love Nacho libre corn :) Its the best!
-Luis. He is the best!

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