Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Well this week started off interesting when hna Gailey got to spend two days with us and we decided it might be a good idea to dye my hair. So we picked out a brown color and monday dyed it. kind of a ginger now. It was a mistake pero ya ni modo! Im living with it. but its faded super fast which is a good thing.
Yesterday we got told our cambios and im going to la goma! Its an area close to papantla, like 40 minutes away. So close that i will be in the same zone, but i will be like 10 minutes away from the ocean! que emociĆ³n:) Im excited but nervous like always for transfers, but i have a good feeling about it! But i will be sad to leave this area for sure :(
The most exciting thing happend on sunday i got a phone call from my convert Verania! Remember her? It was so good to talk to her and know that she is doing super good. i love and miss her lots!
I love you all!
-hermana gunnell
-the best zone ever.
-the ladies from the ward:)
-we ate chinese food. it was kind of gross. 
Super ginger...not this fuerte in person
 -elders giving us doughnuts :) love this awkward picture so much!
- the cutest abuelo. He always tells us the longest stories:) 

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