Monday, November 24, 2014


Something that i love about being a misionera is that i always im learning new things! I love learning from the investigators so much! Some times that have a million questions and doubt and it makes me think about a lot of things and i learn new things from their questions and it strengthens my testimony a lot!
I love Zamora and the people there but they say that everyone is chismoso (gossip) and there are so many rumors going around all of the time. So we are extra careful with what we say and do. We work really hard and try not to get involved with any of the drama.
Ive been thinking a lot about these ten months that i have in the mission and all of the things i have learned. Honestly for a really long time i felt like i was not progressing at all and everything was always just the same. Looking back in these past few months i can say that ive learned a lot. That my Faith has grown and my love for the gospel of Jesus Christ. A scripture that i have leaned on a lot lately says to walk by faith not by sight. I know that if my faith is in my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ then i have nothing to worry about. I trust in them and the plan that they have for me. I know that everything happens for a purpose and its to help me in my progress here in this earthly life. 
Also im so grateful that i have a mother and a father who have never left the church. They have had a great influence in helping me stay true to the gospel dispite all of the problems and trials that i face. 
I love this gospel because i know it is the truth and it brings me the happiness i need to be healthy :)
I love you all!
-hermana gunnell

sorry i cant send pictures again :/ i need to buy an adaptor for my camera. next week for sure!

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