Monday, November 3, 2014


This week we ate SO many tamales. Good thing i think they are delicious! 
Everyone Celebrated Dia de Muertos saturday and sunday. We took a walk through the Cemetary to look at all the food and flowers that they put on the graves and there was soooo many people and best of all there was lots of mariachi bands playing for the dead gente. I enjoyed it:) (Some times i have a really hard time trying not to dance when i hear cool mexican music...its a struggle!)
I really love Mexico and all of the cool traditions they have:)
Im doing good. Dont really have anything interesting to report.
I love you all!
-hna Gunnell

-Tia Mary teaches me how to make all of the good things!

-So many!!!!

-Chocolate skull we got to eat:)

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