Tuesday, November 18, 2014

the GTZ

Well everything is super great here in Gutierrez Zamora. Its super pretty here and reminds me of  a small coastal town in california:) There is a super huge river that is just lovely and i want to go kayaking in it! 
My companion is hna Torrez. She is super cute and little and from Nicaragua! que chido. She is a super hard worker and i love her!
We had a baptism on sunday Isabel and Jaime (mom and son) They are amazing and i love them so much!!!!
It was super hot my first day here and it has been freezing the rest of the days! so rainy and cold! Good news is that we have HOT water to shower with and its the best!
Also ive never seen so many white looking mexicans with colored eyes in one town i dont feel so alone now haha:) 
i love and miss you all!!!
-Hna Gunnell

ps i cant send pictures today :/ lame but next week i will!

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