Monday, December 29, 2014

¡Feliz Holidays!

What a glorious week of pure joy!
We had a lovely Christmas eve dinner with a hermana in papantla and we got to spend the night there with Hna Westover! Then Christmas morning we had a multi-zone activity and the elders made us breakfast, we watch a pioneer movie, and then played hilarious games! The best part of the day of course was talking to my beautiful magestic familia :) they are the best! love them all. <3
Ohh on christmas eve we did a service at the beach and picked up lots of sick trash then took lots of pictures and ate breakfast. 
i got slightly ill christmas and the next few days but im basically good now:)

and here are some pics...
 I love you all!
-hna gunnell

+loving the beach!

+christmas eve


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lets go to the beach...

This week i felt like we didnt get much done. But none the less it was great!
We had our christmas conference (north half of the mission). It was in Poza Rica and it was...great. hahah i felt like all of the elders were acting like 15 year olds. The best part was that when it finnish i got permission to visit my converts in poza. So i went and saw Verania and it was so great! she made me cry lots. but it was so good to visit her and her mom for 5 minutes. :)
Our over night bags got stuck in papantla so its been a good week with out all of the basics. :/ this week when i was bored at night i made my companion play chubby bunny and we ate a whole bubble tape and blew huge bubbles it was hilarious!
Today we went to the beach!!!!! it was so fun:) i loved it so much! like a christmas day milagro!
FELIZ NAVIDAD! i hope all your wildest christmas dreams come true like mine:)
i love you all!!!!
-hna gunnell
i send pictures next time!

Monday, December 8, 2014

niño perdido.

This week we had the Hermanas conference and it was really so great to see all my lovely friends again:) We had so much fun and it went by so fast!

Yesterday in mexico the celebrated dia de niño perdido ( day of the lost child).
Its a really cool tradition they have and i enjoyed it a lot. What the do is light these brownish candles and stick them outside on the side walks infront of their houses and on the stairs and it looks really cool. It is for when jesus was "lost" in the temple when he was a child and the candles are to light the way home.
It made me think a lot and then we go to watch the devotional last night and i loved it!
I know that Jesus Christ is the light of the world. He leads and guides us home.
and im so greatful that im hear helping people see His light.

i love you all!!
-hna gunnell


my long lost friend!!

mtc hermana

Monday, December 1, 2014

it's about time.

Every week goes by so fast. I got to rest a day for my swollen foot but now its all good. We are just loving life here in gutierrez zamora.
Today was the first time i got sick enough to throw up :P blahh....
And tomorrow we get to go to Xalapa for the first Hermanas conference and im so excited to see all of my old companions and friends:D
i dont have much to say so im just going to send lots of pictures.
i love you all!

-Hermana Gunnell

the rio tecolutla. 
-zone activity of futbol and root beer floats

-Voladores de Papantla

-this was our 4 minutes taxi ride from papantla to zamora. hilarious.
-isabel y jaime


-el rio bien chido.