Monday, December 29, 2014

¡Feliz Holidays!

What a glorious week of pure joy!
We had a lovely Christmas eve dinner with a hermana in papantla and we got to spend the night there with Hna Westover! Then Christmas morning we had a multi-zone activity and the elders made us breakfast, we watch a pioneer movie, and then played hilarious games! The best part of the day of course was talking to my beautiful magestic familia :) they are the best! love them all. <3
Ohh on christmas eve we did a service at the beach and picked up lots of sick trash then took lots of pictures and ate breakfast. 
i got slightly ill christmas and the next few days but im basically good now:)

and here are some pics...
 I love you all!
-hna gunnell

+loving the beach!

+christmas eve


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