Monday, July 20, 2015

Bitter sweet...

I really cant believe that 18 months have gone by..... Its bitter sweet.
It still doesnt seem real to me yet. I still can remember so clearly getting of the airplane thinking "i dont know am i going to survive here?" haha.
Its been a long journey full of beautiful experiences that have impacted me forever. After 5 areas, 11 companions, and 18 months, I can say that im not the same fragil girl that i once was. It truly has been unforgetable:)
There are sooooo many things that i will miss such as: The cocacola, all of the delicious food, taxis that honk at us every five seconds and drive crazy, the sick dogs in the street que me dan asco, ¡los cerros!, the heat and humidity, la musica, los burros, que me dicen guera siempre, hablando en español siempre, la horchata, los voladores, todo papantla, tajin, los hormigas y cucarachas, los baños haha, fútbol, la playa, la ropa, el cultura, la gente bien buena, y pues la vida latina. But what im going to miss most is being able to meet new people everyday and share the gospel with them, help them feel a little bit of the love God has for them and help them see the great plan that He has for all of His children. Im going to miss having a nametag that says i represent La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Utlimos Días. Im going to miss having a companion always by my side to help me learn and be obedient. Im going to miss these people that i have grown to love soooo much. The bitter thing is that im going to miss a lot of things. The sweet thing is that ill be seeing my lovely family again. And knowing that as much as i would love to stay here more i know that my work here is done and i feel content about it. I know that this is a new chapter in my life and a change that i need to keep progressing and to become more like my Savior. I know without a doubt that my Heavenly Father loves me because i am His hija. That he has a plan for each one of his children. He knows us perfectly. I know that i have great potential. I cant reach it alone but i know that with my Savior at my side i can do all things. I know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ and we can enjoy all of the blessing here in the earth thanks to a young boy who put His faith in God and trusted him comletely, and restored the gospel to its fullest. im feel extremly gratefull for all of the blessings i have in my life and the God keeps blessing me even when i mess up. This truly has been one on the greatest blessing. Being able to help others come unto Christ also helped me go to him. I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ more than words can express. I love this gospel and i love living it. :)
I share these things in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

See you soon!

-Hermana Trisha May Gunnell

pd. ¡Hasta luego México! Te voy a extrañar mucho...

-la mejor mamá galleta.:) la amo mucho!

-so tempted to jump in haha

-enjoying the delicious wind :)

-disfrutando la vida!

-Mary Chui :)

-Selfie.... last tacos :,(

-100% Papanteca

Monday, July 13, 2015


Everyday goes by so quickly it makes me a little sad :/
This week lots of people told us their life stories. Some of them happy things and a lot of sad horrible things that made me realize that my life has been so simple and sweet compared to some of the trails that they have had in their lives. I always knew that the world was currupt but i guess i didnt realize how much until i came on a mission. Truly opened my eyes to the trails people have in their families, school, work and home life. And even though there is so much evil in the world i know there is a lot more good because God is greater than all of it and i have seen and heard of so many miracles that happen everyday if we are looking for them.
There is this burro (donkey) that we always see carrying so much stuff and his owner is so mean to him so we went and gave him some love one day.. he has the sadddest eyes :( I wish i could take him home with me and make him happy!
i love la vida latina and i never want to leave it!!!!
love you all:)
-hna Gunnell

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Brushing teeth.

We got to see some cool Police car chasing action yesterday :] i was only a little frightened haha.
I wanted to share what the bishop in the ward here talked about yesterday because i liked it a lot:) He gave the example of brushing our teeth. How when we dont brush our teeth everyday it makes us feel uncomfortable ( unless you dont ever brush your teeth then its just normal haha) but it makes us feel uncomfortable and even more when we have to talk to some close to us. He related it to how when we dont pray or read the scriptures everyday we should feel uncomfortable. When we dont go to church one sunday or dont fast or pay tithings we should feel uncomfortable. Its a habbit we should have and should enjoy doing it. He said that when we dont do these things and we feel normal its because our spirit it weak and dying. (Strongly said but true.) I really like this example because i believe its true. We all should have the habbit to do these simple and importante things because when we dont our spirit begins so weaken and we lose precious things like our desire to do them, our testimony, and our Faith. One of my favorite things to do is visit less or inactive members. Although some times it does make me feel very sad for them. I love it because even though they have stopped doing these things they can start doing them again. They can start praying and reading and slowly they gain their testimony back. They more fully understand the importance of these simply things and their spirit is stronger.
I know that we are busy and stressed and some times we forget to do these small and simple things, but i hope we havent forgotten the importance they have in our lives. I hope that we are all striving daily to pray and read the scriptures. Making our best effort to obey these commandments and that we are not making excusses. I know that if we make time and obey the Lord will bless us in so many ways physically and spiritully. We should all have the habbit to do these things, and if not... you should probably feel uncomfortable.
I love you all!
-hermana gunnell

Monday, June 29, 2015


I got to give a talk yesterday in church that went well... i think it was really more for me than it was for the members. I talked about a change of heart and how its something we constantly have to work at. It helped me realize a lot of things... a member has been telling me a lot not to change when i get back from the mission and not to be like "before" It kind of scares me because i really dont want to go back to my old ways but i know its going to cost some work to keep moving forward and progressing and not to back track a little. I really loved preparing for my talk sunday because more than anything it has helped me to realize that its not going to be easy but it is something that i continually have to keep striving to do. I love the talk in the last conference by elder Dale G. Renlund you should all read it!
This week we had a really powerful lesson with an investigator and it was just amazing!! It reminded me how much i love being una misionera para la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santo de los Últimos Días :)

Les AMO!!
-hna gunnell

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

El Libro de Mormon

This week we were walking on a little dirt path under a tree and a HUGE iguana fell from the tree almost on top of me and ran away so fast...heart attack. I also have a heart attack thinking how much little time i have left in the mission :l
My companion and I (and the whole mission) have been focusing a lot on the book of mormon and i just want you all to know how much I love the Book of Mormon! It is the best and i am filled with so much joy everyday that i read it :) It truly gives me so many blessing to read and apply the teachings everyday of my life! These last 6 weeks of my mission i made a goal to read the whole thing over again and every day i learn something new. Its the best! This awesome guy named Gerardo got baptized yesterday and he is one of the few investigators that ive know who has read a good amount of the Book of Mormon before his baptism and ive seen how its changed his life! I hope you are all reading daily to receive grand blessings :)
i love you all!
-Hermana Gunnell

Monday, June 15, 2015


This week has been so sweaty.... its the worst. Literally like 5 minutes being out side and everything is dripping with sweat...ew. We always carry this little towels so we can dry our face and neck off and yesterday morning while passing for investigators the towel ended up being so wet it my companion was ringing it out :P but at least we are getting all of the toxins out haha. My new companion is Hermana Perez. She is 21 from Mexico D.F. She is a really hard worker and we get along really great :)
Nothing really exciting happened this week. i got a super cool infection or something in my insides... but i got meds and all is good:) Yesterday in church in the last class the ward sec. came up to me and my comp and asked ¿who is the hermana Trisha? whut....? i was so confused. haha. Turns out the bishop wants to help me get used to my name again so in my assignment to give a talk on the paper so offically says hermana Trisha.... haha thank you obispo :)
love you all!

hermana gunnell
my last zone :)

hna perez from guatamala

the hermanas

enchula tu taxi hahah

Monday, June 8, 2015

Sylvester Stallone

¿Pues ya que? Voy a quedar me aquí en Papantla para vivir la vida latina.
I had a generous offer this week from a borachito named "Sylvester Stallone" It was love at first sight. He has lots of cars, a jacuzi, lots of land, and a helicopter. whut? He told me to marry him a billion times. He also didnt believe that i am american. He insisted that i am from France and wanted me to speak in french. nope sorry. Then he started talking about the virgin and i was getting annoyed and wanted to leave and he started being dramatic saying that i was mad because he is feo and negro.. ay este señor. Well the thing is i told him i would think about it ;)<3 Another old man told me this week that ive got a "cara de pocos amigos" (a face with few friends) thanks.... its the truth haha.

I really love fast and testimony meeting here in Mexico it always surprises me alot because everyone wants to share their testimony! I love it! As soon as they open up to the members half of them stand up and go sit up on the stage in a large line. Yesterday i counted how many got up and it was around 60. Little kids, teenagers, everyone. and they all are pure testimonies. without stories or anything like that. And even though they all are testifying of the same thing its something so powerful :) Why isnt it the same in the states...all of the awkward pauses. haha. I really love life here!
This week started my last change in the mission :,( I will be staying in the same area but with a new companion, hermana perez. Hoping and praying that everything will go well :)
I love you all!!
-hermana gunnell

sorry i didnt take any pictures this week so heres the sun :)

Friday, June 5, 2015

Exciting things that happened this week:

Exciting things that happened this week:
-my companion got bit by a dog (nothing too terrible)
-we were walking under light cables and a huge truck came behind us and hit them and they all started sparking and my companion screaming and pushing me into all of the bushes. I was so confused. O_o (nothing happened to us we are fine)
-We had a "baptism" of the Hna Paty. She got baptized a really long time ago and her but her papers got lots and are not in the church so she got to start over again! i really love her so much! this week she told me "Hermana esta bien Grandote!" That im really huge and i didnt know if i should have said thank you or what?? hahah. And then we took fotos and i realized that i really im huge next to her hehe.
well thats basically it :)
I love you all!
-hna gunnell

Misión México Xalapa

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


This week went by so fast! I love having lots of conferences :)
 We got to have a big sleepover in the bus friday at 2 in the moring on our way to xalapa it was fun only that my seat was right infront of the bathroom and an elder was throwing up the whole time :P sick. We got to the stake center around 7 and just talked until Elder Christensen and Elder Piper came. It was a really short conference only about 2 or 3 hours and we basically just got to ask questions and they answered them but it was interesting and we all learned so much! After they gave us pizza and everyone took lots of pictures :) We had to stay at the bus station for hours and i was so tired..slept so good that night.
Things are going really well as alway :)
I love you all!
-hna gunnell

We went to a art museum last week so fun :)

i look like i have no legs tehe.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


This week was full of sunshine and love. :)
We had a baptism on Sunday. Teresa and her daughter Fernanda. They are just the greatest and i love them lots!
Yesterday we had a big conference the whole north part of the mission in Poza Rica. It was the best! The Elder Pino from the 70 came with his wife. (He gave a talk in general conference in april) I love them sooooo much!!! It was really long but we got to interact a lot and he even made some companionships do practices infront of everyone with president greer. So glad that they didnt call my name or i would have peed. When he first started talking he was saying how he was sent by the first presidency and we read scriptures about the power and authority that they have and how we need to be obedient and i was having a heart attack thinking that he was going to make some big anouncement like sister missionaries have to serve for 2 years and i was going to die! Good thing there was no anouncement made haha. :) He talked a lot about the power and authority we have and the potential the mission has but that we need to steep it up and do more than we have been doing. I learned a lot of things and it was really great. Friday we have another conference with two more general authorities in the 70 in Xalapa. Wahoo we are so blessed! Ill let you know how it goes next week :)
i love you all!
-hna gunnell
*delicious fried fishy..truly :)


*Teresa & Fernanda

*A little part of my area

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I really dont have much to say this week and i didnt take very many pictures..sorry.
I want to share some of the street names of where we live. almost all of them are in totonaco (old dialect they speak here) Istacu, means star. Püxnuqihui, mutucuntu, Isnapapa, cuyuxquihui. o_0 whut? I dont even know what they mean or how to pronounce them, but its cool im learning another launguage haha.
My companion is a really hard worker which i like so we get a lot done in the week and we have a lot of sucess. :)
The best part of the week was talking to my beautiful family!!!!
I love them all so much! so blessed :)
maybe this week something exciting will happen?
I love you all!
-hermana gunnell

p.s. next week i will be writing on tuesday.

-some paintings

 -my compa dying of the heat... me too.

Monday, May 4, 2015


Its been a weird week in my new area Xanath. I really miss Zamora and my compa and all my friends there. :(
My companion is Hermana Morales. She is 23 but looks like a tiny girl and just is like an innocent little girl so sweet and believes any thing any one says. :) We have been working really hard and starting out the change good. hoping to have lots of success. My area is full of hill and millions of stairs im probably going to pass out one day from so much exercise haha. Our house is in the ghetto and we have to climb 155 stair to get to a main street :/ blah.
There are lots of cool paintings close to our house which i like:)
So excited for mothers day!! :D
-Hermana gunnell

-Hna Morales :)


Monday, April 27, 2015

Lets go back.

This week the heat has just been horrible. You should all be grateful the weather is nice over there. This week was my last week in Gutierrez Zamora. :( after 6 months im going back to Papantla to another ward although i will be in the same stake. (They should probably just give me a stake calling because ive been in this stake for almost a year now haha).
This week Orlando got baptized. He really likes The Doors. me too! Doesnt he look like Jim?? Its been a rough road but in the end we were all really happy :) Cant you see it in his expressions.? (he just never smiles).
i love you all!
-hermana gunnell

-so happy :)

-ward members

Monday, April 20, 2015


Let me just tell you all that im sooooooooooooooo sunburnt right now :(
Why does el sol hate me so much?? Why?
This week we got to do divisions and i was with Hermana Villalon. She is so cool! She just started and only has almost 2 months. It was funny because it made me remember when i first started. Then she was asking me a lot how i felt now that i was almost done and what are my plans and all.. it was weird because i feel like i still have a lot of time left. But ya ni modo. She is really great. Funny story. The next morning i woke up eary at 6 because so many mosquitos were eating me and then i was sitting at the table reading and i looked at the window and some creepy old man was staring at me and it scared me so bad i had a heart attack!! And he just kept starting and said hello and then left. haha :}
There are sooo many frogs here i love them! The tiniest ones i have ever seen! I just wonder how tiny would be their little hearts i would have to use a microscope to see it. :) Then i think what?? How could God create something so tiny? He is really good at His job. What a blessing!

Sorry this email is random.......I dont really feel like writing anything good. accept it.

I Love you all so mucho!
-Hermana Gunnell

-eating flat frogs from the street

-there are frogs even smaller than this but i cant catch them fast enough.

-weird fruit we ate

-i hate mosquitos....taking away my sleep. (a little before the old man gave me a heart attack)

-Hna Villalon

-Im in love with the playa (beach)!!!