Tuesday, January 27, 2015

one year...

Sorry i have no time to email today and i have a lot to say :/

next week i will email extra long!!!!!!!


-hna gunnell
 -gummy teeth 
 -most frothiest peach drink of my life!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Service with a Smile :)

A wise teahcer of mine once told me, "Doing service is like peeing your pants. Everybody knows you did it, but only you get to feel the warmth."

I got to feel that warmth several times this week. Even though it may have been disgusting it still felt good at the end. We helped push a man in his wheel chair to centro and then we helped the ward clean a less active members house who has a sick baby:/ Lets just say i almost threw up a few times and couldnt eat for the rest of the day. (Remind me to tell you all the details when i get home).

 One thing i did learn from the experiences is that God loves us all the same. It doesnt matter our physical apperance or our class in life we are all hijo y hija de Dios. And what matters most is that we are spiritual clean so that we can feel that love.


 -hna gunnell

 p.s. see you in 6 months:)
-still a little freezing here somedays. 

-hugest oven for delicious pan:)

-milagro elderes washing dishes. 

-outside of the service project.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Yo quiero ser.....

Sorry my emails have been short and lame lately...
I will try to do better! This week has been freezing rainy cold and i hate it! It makes it so much harder to get out of bed and work. I hope it will be warmer this week! My dear companion and I are getting crazier each day which makes things very interesting.... We watched the Testaments about 3 times this week and then we saw this guy selling leather braceltes and stuff so we bought lots to be lamanitas. And have been singing "yo quiero ser....Samuel el Lamanita!" (its pretty cool song in spanish....haha) Yesterday our sweet lovely investigator Daniela got baptized :) She is just the cutest thing and we love her so much! We have been teaching her for about two months and she has been so excited to be baptized! She is 14 and her boyfriend got to baptize her ;) The first few weeks that we were teaching her she came to a baptism of the elders and right after she wanted to get baptized so bad but for rules she couldnt then she went on trip to visit her mom for 3 week and finally came back last monday! She lives with her Tia and this man named Ismael that always tells us dramatic poems that we love:) It was a great day! I also got to do divisions this week and go to my old area in Papantla and visit some of my converts and families there:) It was joyous! I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and i love learning new things everyday! i love you all! Be happy :)
 -hna Gunnell
-Zona Papantla! 

-ive missed my family! 


-su familia

-after church:)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Mis viejos :)

Feliz año nuevo!!!
This week i found lots of old investigators in the streets and took pictures of all of them! then the next day they all got burned! (mexican tradition to celebrate an old año and burn them for the new one).
My compañera completed 9 months in the mission so we celebrated with a cake bread thing:)
the work is good. not much to report...and im out of time.
The church is true and i love learning new things:)
-hna gunnell