Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Service with a Smile :)

A wise teahcer of mine once told me, "Doing service is like peeing your pants. Everybody knows you did it, but only you get to feel the warmth."

I got to feel that warmth several times this week. Even though it may have been disgusting it still felt good at the end. We helped push a man in his wheel chair to centro and then we helped the ward clean a less active members house who has a sick baby:/ Lets just say i almost threw up a few times and couldnt eat for the rest of the day. (Remind me to tell you all the details when i get home).

 One thing i did learn from the experiences is that God loves us all the same. It doesnt matter our physical apperance or our class in life we are all hijo y hija de Dios. And what matters most is that we are spiritual clean so that we can feel that love.


 -hna gunnell

 p.s. see you in 6 months:)
-still a little freezing here somedays. 

-hugest oven for delicious pan:)

-milagro elderes washing dishes. 

-outside of the service project.

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