Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Baby baby baby oh.....

Okay well two weeks to catch up on! Well we had interviews with Pdte Greer the other week and it went really well for me:) We talked a lot and he told me that he has seen a really big change in me from when he got to the mission. Something that i have been thinking a lot about these past weeks. Some times i feel like i really havent changed much in the past year but taking a good look at myself, not only physically, i can see that i really have changed sooooo much! Its hard to explain but its a change deep with in me. I think more than anything ive learned to trust in my loving Heavenly Father. I have had many experiences that have had me question why? But ive learned to look at the bigger picture. I dont know and understand all things, but i know that God loves us and he wants us to be happy:) Although we may pass through a lot of hardships in the end it is so we can learn, be stronger, and be happy. My way to think is much more positive with this knowledge and that makes everything better!

In this past weeks we have found a lot of people really ready to accept the gospel. Its so amazing!!! We also had a baptism of Elodia. She is a really strong woman and i admire her a lot! Her mother inlaw just got baptized in november by us and then we started teaching her son and he didnt want anything to do with the church but went because he promissed his mom and then he started liking it and really wanted to learn more. He changed a lot! We got them married the other week and were ready for His baptism but then he fell bad into his old habits and now is in a clinic to help with his addiction. Its been super rough for Elodia and her two little girls, but she has lots of faith!

Tomorrow we have cambios and i will be with Hermana Mendoza from Honduras she is super cool and im really excited because it will be a really great change!

The church is true. God loves us so much more than we can understand and has a perfect plan for all of His children.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-hna Gunnell
-every day i leave the house singing justin bieber.....thanks;)
-a lovely day at the river side

P.S. I just ate 19 tacos at our zone activity.....so delicious!! barf....no wonder why ive change a lot physically haha :/
 -zone activity hermanas

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