Monday, February 16, 2015

So this is LOVE!

I hope you all had a magical dia de amor y amistad! I sure did:) On friday our investigators Miguel and Leticia got married. ¡BODA GRATIS! Wedding #2 for this year. ¿How many more will i have? Their family is de ORO (gold) and they are just the best! We are super excited for them to baptized.
I love Hermana Mendoza más everyday! She is so amazing and we have so much fun! The first days together she was trying to give me some skirts a dress (but im too chubby), earings, and lots of stuff. When i asked her why she was trying to give me things she just said " porque me cae bien:)" Which means she likes me! So nice! So then i gave her all of my skirts that dont fit me any more because she is super skinny. She also has a goal this year to gain lots of weight. -_- not good for me, but im trying to help her out haha. She always tells me im so lucky that ive gained weight in the mission. I think other wise haha. But its all good. We are enjoying all of the mexican greesy food while we can :)
This week this man rode past us on his bike and he yelled at us "CHAMACAS FEAS"{UGLY KIDS} Rude. We were laughing so much because men usually yell other things at us.
Well i really dont have anything too exciting and special to report....

 I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!

 -Hna Gunnell
-We want bikes for our area!!! 

-just look at this picture and laugh por favor.

-feliz dia of love and friendship :) 

-going on adventures

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