Monday, February 9, 2015

Jose Luis

This was a rough week really but it was also super great and amazing! our investigator, Jose luis, literally died tuesday night. It was really sad. His wife just got baptized last sunday and his mom in november. It was really rough for them, but because they know they gospel they are more calm about all of it. It was sad but a learning and stregthening experience. I went to my first funeral ever and has to give a talk and before i even said anything i was crying my eyes out! Jose luis really enjoyed learning more about the church and he knew it was true and wanted to badly to get baptized but had a problem with alcohol so he couldnt. But now he is not suffering from that temptation and can get baptized! His wife is going ok and they have two little girls Karen is 4 and Daniela is 2. They are the cutest! We are all really grateful that families can be together forever.

I love you all!!!
 -hna gunnell
-dani and karen

-When they got married like 3 weeks ago.

-hna mendoza :)

-She is already my best friend!

-most delicious piƱacolada!!!!!

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