Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Im sorry to report that i dont really have any thing of good worth to tell this week. Lo siento. My compa went to Xalapa monday night and tueday to do her visa and i was in a trio for a little while in Papantla. It felt like the longest time and im glad to have Hna Mendoza back!
I love her more and more each day! She is just my best friend :) She completed one year this week which was fun. We are always busy with lesson and just having fun. We played an intense game of volleyball in our house the other night. i was laughing so hard i couldnt breath and thought i was going to puke! My compa also has the coolest curliest hair and i love it but she wont let me take a picture of it because she hates it...oh well.
Thats all i believe.
Im super grateful that I can be teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in this place and in this time. It has been one of the best dicisions i have ever made and i am so grateful for all the friendships ive made here in mexico and for all the things i have experienced and learned. It has made me a better person and a better hija de Dios.(Daughter of God)

I love you all so much!!!
-hna gunnell
-this is what we do after district class.


-celebrated the one year mark of hna mendoza...then we ate cake the rest of the week hehe.

-cool old grave we found:)

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