Monday, March 30, 2015

The Sun is Shining!

This was the most glorious week of my mission!!!
Want to know why? because the sun has been shinning so beautifully and our Family finally got baptized!!!!!!!!! :D Remember weeks ago when i talked about them? Well saturday was the day. It was pretty amazing. The mom, Leticia, her family came up from another state and some of them are members and all was well in the world. :)
Saturday morning we were so excited and went to the church to clean the font and helped a lady clean the floors and everything then we went about our day and around 4 we went to go fill the font up with water and there was no water in the church!! We had a panic attack and we were calling the bishop and everyone with the keyes to the water pumps. Meanwhile we got buckets and were filling them up with water from a well and the buckets were so heavy and we were laughing so hard and getting soaking wet! Luckly a little while after the bishop came and got the water working. The bapitsm went really well 6 of them got baptized :)
Miguel-the dad. Leticia-the mom. Lola-daughter. Michel-daughter. Diego-son. Yahir-hes not part of there family but he works with them and basically lives there.
The most special part of it was at the end Miguel said the prayer so heartfelt and beautifully. He was the one that wasnt so sure about the whole thing and thats why it took a while for them to get baptized. He was saying he wanted to wait a year and be really sure of it. In His prayer he got all teary and couldnt say much but he said "thank you from all my heart because i know that this is the right place and thank you for sending the sister missionaries." I started bawling!!! That was basically all he said and almost everyone was crying with tears of joy :) And when i gave Leticia a hug she told me that they were going to give thanks everyday for us. It made me feel really happy because it helped me realize that i really didnt do much. i know i didnt do much. But i know that im just an instrument in the hands of God and He works through His missionaries. And i am so grateful that he allowed me and blessed me to know this amazing family. I love them so much and tell them every week that i am going to do everything i can to be able to go to the temple with them in one year when they get sealed :)

I LOVE being a missionary and seeing how God blesses all of His children!

I love you all!
-hermana gunnell






-Cutest mexican baby Jacobo!

-Cutest misioneras hehe :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Whats happenin'

We did divisions this week which was fun and rainy! Its been raining so much im afraid that the river is going to flood...hah not really.
This whole week we were really nervous about cambios so we kept sending President text messages telling him to let us stay together and so we had to put a goal to help 8 souls get baptized. And we are going to complete it because we are staying together again :D so happy! President also told us we are his favorite daughters hahah...... not sure if its true because he probably says it to all of the sister missionaries (just like my mom says it to all of her daughters).
This week Esteban got baptized!!! He is the coolest :) His family sells horchata and atole in the centro and its so delicious! Thats how we found him because i always want to drink horchata. He really is like one of mine and hna mendoza's best amigos. We always are laughing so much and just have fun. He also is amazing and shares the gospel with all of his friends and wants his little brother to go on a mission because he wont be able to. He already knows so much about the church it amazes me!
This week my companion and I have laughed sooooo much. We have so many little inside jokes that i cry almost everday from laughter. its the best. So glad i get to stay with her!!!!!!!! :)
I love you all!
-Hermana Gunnell
-hna Monroy :) She is the most kind.

-in the jungle (look at my silly baby bangs...why?)



Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Last monday i got to take a trip to Xalapa to renew my visa so i dont get deported. It was a good time:) I almost felt like we were back in the MTC just without hna westover:/ We got to eat the most delicious little ceasers pizza! and i got to see hna Figueroa for a minute!
We had a multi zone conference with President Greer. It was fun we got to watch meet the mormons. (wasnt as good as i expected but i still liked it) My convert, hna Isabel, made me the dress that im wearing in the pics and i love it sooooooooooooo much!!!
Its been freezing this week so i had to make a rice bag out of a sock so i can sleep nicely :) Our Family didnt get baptized sunday but we are praying for this week! We have so many great investigators and we are hoping that we will get to be together when they all get baptized!
well...i think this is all.
i love you all so mucho!

hermana gunnell
we miss hna westover!!!

mr. president greer

this is my zone

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Sorry you all probaby are so sick of me saying how much i love my compaƱera, but i truly love her so much!!! She is so funny and has a cute little snore when she sleeps! the other day she bought a new dress and put it on in the night. I was sitting on the couch reading when she walked into the bedroom and i quiety heard her singing "im sexy and i know it;)" I about died laughing!!! She also likes to sing "rock your body yeahhh... everybody yeahhh... backstreets back aright!" I never want to have changes! We are praying that we wil get to stay togething for a long long time!

We often go to visit a person and the little kids answer and we ask them if their parents are home and they go to ask and then come back and say "my mom says she is not home..." Thank you for teaching your children to lie! We will come back tomorrow.:)

This week i was reminded that we all have great potencial! And it doesnt matter the mistakes we make that our Heavenly Father always sees the best in us and not so much what we are but what we can become. im really grateful for that. :)

a little request: Will you all please pray for the Family Perez Roldan. They are a really AMAZING family that we are teaching and their baptism is for this sunday but they are having a little rough patch and are not positive that they want to do it this sunday. So pray for them please......

i love and miss you all!!!
be happy :)

-Hermana Gunnell
-do you want tacos or tortas?

-my companion gave me trick chapstick that turned my lips purple....

-its mango season!!! 

Look at my cute companion. she is the BEST!!! 

i love her curly hair :)