Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Sorry you all probaby are so sick of me saying how much i love my compañera, but i truly love her so much!!! She is so funny and has a cute little snore when she sleeps! the other day she bought a new dress and put it on in the night. I was sitting on the couch reading when she walked into the bedroom and i quiety heard her singing "im sexy and i know it;)" I about died laughing!!! She also likes to sing "rock your body yeahhh... everybody yeahhh... backstreets back aright!" I never want to have changes! We are praying that we wil get to stay togething for a long long time!

We often go to visit a person and the little kids answer and we ask them if their parents are home and they go to ask and then come back and say "my mom says she is not home..." Thank you for teaching your children to lie! We will come back tomorrow.:)

This week i was reminded that we all have great potencial! And it doesnt matter the mistakes we make that our Heavenly Father always sees the best in us and not so much what we are but what we can become. im really grateful for that. :)

a little request: Will you all please pray for the Family Perez Roldan. They are a really AMAZING family that we are teaching and their baptism is for this sunday but they are having a little rough patch and are not positive that they want to do it this sunday. So pray for them please......

i love and miss you all!!!
be happy :)

-Hermana Gunnell
-do you want tacos or tortas?

-my companion gave me trick chapstick that turned my lips purple....

-its mango season!!! 

Look at my cute companion. she is the BEST!!! 

i love her curly hair :)

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