Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Last monday i got to take a trip to Xalapa to renew my visa so i dont get deported. It was a good time:) I almost felt like we were back in the MTC just without hna westover:/ We got to eat the most delicious little ceasers pizza! and i got to see hna Figueroa for a minute!
We had a multi zone conference with President Greer. It was fun we got to watch meet the mormons. (wasnt as good as i expected but i still liked it) My convert, hna Isabel, made me the dress that im wearing in the pics and i love it sooooooooooooo much!!!
Its been freezing this week so i had to make a rice bag out of a sock so i can sleep nicely :) Our Family didnt get baptized sunday but we are praying for this week! We have so many great investigators and we are hoping that we will get to be together when they all get baptized!
well...i think this is all.
i love you all so mucho!

hermana gunnell
we miss hna westover!!!

mr. president greer

this is my zone

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